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Here you will find an overview of our current and coming programs and events. We look forward to exploring with you in subtle and extraordinary ways!


Together we accelerate our collective and individual awakening. Become a part of the next activated evolutionary cohort.

The 2-Year Luminous Program

Now enrolling!
Next session begins in November 2019.
In Northern California

A training like no other!

  • You yearn for more - You have had tastes of something extraordinary and are yearning for more.
  • Awareness - You want a path of personal transformation with awakening as the destination.
  • Energy - You want to know what your energetic “superpowers” are.
  • You want to change people's lives for the better - Your work, ultimately, is dedicated to the healing, transformation and evolution of consciousness.
  • Community - You want to be part of a community of change makers that are dedicated to their own awakening and committed to deep relating.

Join us in this program and change forever the way you experience life and engage in the world. Reach beyond the ordinary. Live the extraordinary.

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We will explore the free, already awake, and unbound dimension of our being.

Bound to Boundless
with Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Saturday & Sunday, June 29 & 30, 2019
10am - 6pm each day

At Chochmat Halev
2215 Prince Street, Berkeley, CA 94705

Many of us experience suffering in our everyday lives and feel limited in life by beliefs and strong, repeated emotions. Our identity is bound in a limited sense of self and we have not yet recognized the boundless, ever-free dimension of our being. Awakening to this boundless dimension of our self is called awake awareness. It is not something we need to develop or create -- it is the dimension of consciousness that is natural to us and has been covered up by our limiting identity. This limiting identity is a mini-me that often lives in our head, or a body-based separate sense of self.

In this workshop, we will directly taste awake awareness, the boundless dimension of our consciousness that is already free. It is our invisible intelligence that is peaceful and unbounded by nature.


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Using the power of our collective awareness in an amplified energetic field, healing and expanded states of consciousness become viscerally real.

Luminous Circles

With Luminous Faculty

Luminous Circles are a three-hour introduction to the Luminous Awareness Institute’s energetic and personal transformation practices and upcoming programs.

Luminous Awareness Institute is an integration of a healing and non-dual awakening path. We integrate psychological and subtle energetic healing into the path so that awakening becomes not a means to transcend life, but to embody its wisdom and deep compassion in life.

At these circles we will harness the power of our collective awareness and create an amplified energetic field where healing and expanded states of consciousness become viscerally real.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Sunday, May 26, 2019
    6-9pm, The Center SF, San Francisco, CA
  • Saturday, June 15, 2019
    1:30-4:30pm, The Center SF, San Francisco, CA

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We can perceive the fundamental energetic dimension of life and cultivate our ability to deliberately create new realities.

The Subtle Self 6-Month Program

Next Round dates and location TBD

Pure consciousness isn’t just the vast stillness we find on a meditation cushion, it’s dynamic and intelligent and we can train to connect to this living wisdom.

In this program we train in perceiving the fundamental energetic dimension of life and cultivate our ability to deliberately create new realities. We rest in the infinite and explore the subtle. Through accessing higher levels of awareness and subtle attunement, we transform the coarse stuff of our limited consciousness and awaken into our limitless consciousness.

If you want to expedite your personal healing, deepen your realization, gain energetic intelligence and connect with other people in profound and life changing ways, join us for this program.

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