Programs & Events

Here you will find an overview of our current and coming programs and events. We look forward to exploring with you in subtle and extraordinary ways!

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LAI 2-Year Program

Together we accelerate our collective and individual awakening. Become a part of the next activated evolutionary cohort.

The 2-Year Luminous Program:
Next program starts Summer 2024.

Enrollment our next live program opens soon!

Note: For students fulfilling the requirement for the 2-year program, recordings are available now.

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The intention of this course is to give you the tools to realize your always-present awake nature, cultivate deeply healed embodied presence, and share those benefits with the world.

This unique curriculum is an integrated tapestry of methods from across traditions and time, as well as freshly emergent wisdom teachings.

You will learn nondual Awakening practices rooted in ancient wisdom traditions with contemporary methodologies from fields of:

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Attachment Repair
  • Somatics
  • Nervous System Repair
  • Energetic Awareness Practices

By integrating seemingly disparate paradigms into one coherent whole, we are revealing a wider, seamless view and offering you a comprehensive set of tools for healing and awakening.

Join us in this program and change forever the way you experience life and engage in the world. Reach beyond the ordinary. Live the extraordinary.

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We are here to awaken to our truest being and ultimately to recognize that we are the light of the world.

Walking the Path of Awakening Awareness

Our next round starts Saturday, July 13, 2024.

Join us in this online Zoom course taught by Anna-Lisa Adelberg, founder of the Luminous Awareness Institute, for a deep dive into the stages, principles and practices of Awakening as you explore Walking the Path of Awakening Awareness.

This course offers a more intimate dive into 5 levels of mind and stages of Awakening as first introduced in our free online course, "Roadmaps to Awakening Awareness".

Join Anna-Lisa for 6 live monthly transmissions where she will teach and work directly with participants in support of the Awakening Path.

Note: For students opting to meet the requirement for LAI5, recordings are now available. 

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Play in the magical and the sacred, harness the power of our collective awareness, and create an amplified energetic field. In just a few hours together, we can create a container that is profoundly healing, heart warming, and magical.

Luminous Circles

In-Person & Virtual Circles Offered

With Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Luminous Circles are a three-hour introduction to the Luminous Awareness Institute’s 2-year program, which integrates nondual awakening with healing into a comprehensive path.

We integrate psychological and subtle energetic healing into a nondual path so that awakening becomes not a means to transcend life, but to embody its wisdom and deep compassion in life.

In the Luminous Circle, you will:

  • Practice shifting your awareness from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Be introduced to the 7 Awakened Wisdom Qualities.
  • Learn about different Energetic Constitutions.
  • Connect to other people on a whole other level.
  • Begin to understand how our early development and attachment inform our lived experience.

Each Circle draws on core teachings and practices from our 2-Year program to invite the participants into a unique and emergent exploration and offer a taste of the Luminous experience.

Circles will be offered both virtually and in-person.

Upcoming Circles:

Circles for LAI5 have closed.  Missed the Circles, but still have questions? Join us for an upcoming Q&A and Meditation event coming soon.


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Roadmaps to Awakening Awareness

Join us in this FREE online masterclass taught by Anna-Lisa Adelberg, founder of the Luminous Awareness Institute, for an overview of the principles of awakening as you explore the Roadmaps of Awakening Awareness.