"This is a map of awakening designed to open us to deeper
dimensions of our awareness to discover the you that is already
awake and the source of your well-being.”

Anna-Lisa Adelberg


"This is a map of awakening designed to open us to deeper dimensions of our awareness to discover the you that is already awake and the source of your well-being.”

Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Roadmaps to Awakening Awareness Course

Free Online Masterclass taught by Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Join us in this FREE online masterclass taught by Anna-Lisa Adelberg, founder of the Luminous Awareness Institute, for an overview of the principles of awakening as you explore the Roadmaps of Awakening Awareness.

Explore a comprehensive map that allows you to shift from the ‘ordinary’ conditioning of the delusional mind into an awakened awareness that experiences reality as it truly is.


What you'll learn in the course:

  • The story of Anna-Lisa's early awakening experiences
  • Understanding state vs stage changes and 3 variables that stabilize these levels of mind
  • The Roadmap: 5 Levels of Awareness
  • Thought-based knowing vs Awareness-based knowing
  • Guidance to help you locate yourself on this map
  • An understanding of the benefits available at each level
  • And more...

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Finding The Roadmap to Awakening...

Much of the imbalance in the world comes from people in a state of pursuit of something. We are conditioned by our ‘ordinary’ mind to think we are seeing the whole picture. We don’t often realize that our suffering is caused by the conditioning of a delusional mind that is actually NOT fully connected to reality.

One of our primary conditioned patterns in the West is to be in pursuit... to seek fulfillment in our jobs, material possessions, and to pursue a sense of accomplishment for our personal identity. Everyone’s trying to get fulfilled in something that can only temporarily give us happiness and is ultimately based in a house of cards.

During today's challenges and difficulties we ask, ‘Where do we find fulfillment and stability when everything is breaking down?’

When you wake up from your delusional mind,
you’ll be able to connect to reality as it truly is.

When you wake up from your delusional mind, you’ll be able to connect to reality as it truly is.

The difference between a momentary glimpse and a permanent shift in identity is the difference between a state change and a stage change. In our quest for practices that facilitate stages changes, we explore how today's modern practices fit into a map of consciousness.

This course brings you a simple yet comprehensive Map of Awakening to illuminate what the fundamental source of our stability, freedom and happiness is, which is already here as who we truly are and simply needs to be recognized.

This training is designed to help you wake up, and get uncaught from your ‘ordinary’ delusional mind.  Anna-Lisa will teach you simple instructions about how to shift to incredibly expanded states of awareness.

Explore a comprehensive roadmap to awakening your awareness, moving into the 5 Levels of Mind designed to open up new levels of liberation and well being at each step along the path. From there, you’ll be able to recognize what would actually fulfill you, resolve your problems, end your anxieties, free yourself from the negativity that surrounds you, and allow you to discover everything you truly need.

This is a map of awakening to illuminate all that lies beyond.

Online video training + 1-hr Live Zoom session

Led by Anna-Lisa Adelberg, Luminous founder and master practitioner

This is a unique opportunity to receive direct teaching with customized practices. This course includes:

  • 3 Online video trainings
  • A Downloadable Workbook with essential information and practices
  • A LIVE zoom call led by Anna-Lisa in late June / early July with a recording made available to all students afterwards.

What to Expect:

What you will get from this program:

  • An understanding of the difference between thought-based knowing and awareness based experiencing and tools to identify when you are doing both.
  • A training that explores a simple yet comprehensive map of the 5 Levels of Mind, with guidance that will allow you to locate yourself on this map, and ways to recognize how to access even deeper levels of awareness.
  • An exploration of state change, which is often temporary, inconsistent, and short-lived versus stage change where you'll begin to have consistent access, more often, and for longer duration.
  • A description that lets you distinguish each of these levels of mind and an understanding of the liberation and well being that opens up at each stage.
  • A special invitation to the upcoming 'Walking the Path of Awareness Course' which requires taking this pre-requisite free course.  This 6-week course includes special live access to Anna-Lisa with customized instructions on not only what the maps of awareness are, but guidance on how to reach each of the levels with more access, frequency, and duration. Plus you'll have a group of people in this community who are trained to be on your team, supporting you in a relational practice that will give you what you truly need to live in a state of liberation and well being.


Founder & Lead Facilitator of the Luminous Awareness Institute

Anna-Lisa Adelberg is an internationally renowned teacher, and healer. She is the founder of the Luminous Awareness Institute and has supported thousands of students and clients on the path of awakening.

She is a pioneer in integrating a contemporary nondual path with a healing path. At Luminous Awareness Institute she has developed and teaches a groundbreaking system, synthesized over 25 years that supports the realization of the essential being of who we already are, with practices and inner technologies from a wide variety of sources; Tibetan Buddhism, developmental psychology, neurophysiology, Chi Gong, and subtle energy.

She is dedicated to creating a world of wakefulness, attunement, care and liberation for all beings.

Anna-Lisa Adelberg is well known for her capacity to articulate and transmit about awareness, the mechanics of subtle phenomena and her uncanny ability, to as her students say, "know what's going on inside of me." She is sought after and has guided some of the world's most renowned leaders, healers, and spiritual teachers.

She was a personal student of Chi Qong Master Yoo and studied with Dzogchen Master Lama Tharchin Rinpoche and, as well other teachers in Meditative paths, Somatics, and Subtle Energy.

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