Advanced Programs

Advanced Programs

Overview of Advanced Path

The Awakening and Healing path that we are pointing to in Luminous has infinite depth - it is a path that can be life long. 

Ongoing practice deepens and expands the realization of the 7 Awakened Wisdom qualities and unravels more layers of the onion that obscure the complete realization and embodiment of our True Nature.

In connection with like-hearted community and a transformative energetic-wisdom vehicle, Luminous can provide an ongoing container in which to awaken and heal in deeper and more refined ways.

Advanced Awakening Course

An 8-month course for those who have stable access to Simultaneous Awareness and want to deepen their meditation practice explicitly.

Group limited to 25-35 students.

The Advanced Awakening program will provide advanced meditation practices for stabilizing Awakening and liberation practices for embodied realization.

More interested in advanced healing skills specifically? We recommend taking another round of the 2-Year Program, joining the 5th Day hands-on-healing class, and participating in a practitioner pod.

What's Included:

One 5-day Retreat with Anna-Lisa Adelberg and John Churchill

Primarily online. Limited options to attend in person in Boulder, CO upon request.

Seven 1-day Virtual Retreats with Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Sundays, from 9am-2pm Pacific (US)

Seven Peer Practice Groups

  • Practice with fellow students to integrate and deepen your understanding of the material.
  • Dates to be determined with cohort.
  • Online materials offered in support.

In the initial longer retreat we will:

  • Deep dive into the 7 Awakened Wisdom Qualities
  • Learn Advanced Meditations that are designed for after Awakening
  • Practice the Simultaneous Liberation Process in small groups.
    We will learn how to allow the Self-Organizing and Self Liberating Wisdom to become the source of healing and realization. In these sessions, instead of the healer-client model, we will allow the natural liberation process to unfold with effortless grace. There will be individuals who are the central focus of the group field and shared awareness. The facilitation of the process will primarily occur from allowing the Self-organizing intelligence with the support of group members.

Each day-long retreat will:

  • Give Advanced meditation practices that support the recognition and stabilization of one of the 7 awakened wisdom qualities
  • Support the practice of the Simultaneous Liberation Process in small groups to liberate that which obstructs the complete realization of each awakened quality.

Advanced Awakening

Next Program Dates TBD

Who is this for?

The Advanced Awakening course is for students who have stable access to Simultaneous Awareness.

This is an advanced meditation class. If you are wanting to work with the advanced healing skills, taking the 2-year Program again along with the 5th day and practitioner pod are a better fit.

If you've been through the LAI 2-Year program at least once, taken the Walking the Path course, or have done long-term and consistent deep practice and growth along the awakening and healing path, then you may qualify for this program.

A short, in-depth application is required.

The 7 Awakened Wisdom Qualities are:

Luminous Divider - Air

1. Air - Openness and Freedom

Awake Awareness; pure awareness, our pristine mind that is vast, empty and boundless. No matter what clouds or storms there are in a day, behind those clouds the sky is clear and blue. This unchanging ground of our awareness is our clear natural state.


2. Water - Interconnectedness, Warmth and Boundless Love

A boundless interconnected awake field of warmth and love.  The fullness of being. The Ocean of Compassion that is like the Ultimate Mother.

Luminous Divider - Tree

3. Tree - Awakened Presence and Discerning Awareness

A field of awakened presence, that is everywhere and here. A felt sense of being held, guided and supported. The Ultimate Father that is without and within, that gives us a source of inner strength, and an internal compass.

The unwavering dedication and alignment to that which serves the well-being of all beings and relieves their suffering.

The Discerning awareness that acts as a “Sword of Truth” and cuts through ignorance, delusion, and illuminates truth.


4. Fire - Dynamic Awareness - Energy,  Enlightened Activity, The Union 

the Union of Awake Awareness and Dynamic Energy, the inseparable pair, the dynamic lively expression of primordial wisdom; Shiva~Shakti. The realization of our natural Bliss.

The enlightened activity which animates all life.

Luminous Divider - Fundamentals

5. Earth - Ground of Being, Stability, and Agenda-less Presence

The ground of Being, the timeless infinite depth that is stable like a mountain. Our natural inner well-being. The boundless ground that is both emptiness and form.

Luminoud Divisder - Realm

6. Realm - Multi-Dimensional Awareness,  All Times and All Space, Here and Now

All times and space within this immediate awareness.  Cosmic Awareness. Mystical vision. The direct knowing of past and future, the realms, the multi-dimensional universe and Deity.

Luminous Divider - Crystal

7. Crystal - Clarity and Knowing Awareness

Knowing Awareness, Clear heart mind and lucidity.  The brilliance of diamond like clarity and precision. A field of all knowing, self - organizing intelligence. The fundamental structure of reality.

Are you interested in more deeply exploring the 7 Awakened Wisdom Qualities?

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Program Costs

Advanced Awakening

$4500 Standalone Cost
After $850 deposit, choose your payment plan:
Pay in Full: $3650
12 Monthly Payments of $314*
  • Prices may vary for our next round.
    Please check back or join our waitlist to be informed of new dates and pricing.
  • Pay Only $2250 if taking with the LAI 2-Year Program!
    A 50% savings! These two programs deepen and enhance one another.
  • One 5-day Retreat with Anna-Lisa Adelberg & John Churchill
    February 23-27, 2022. Primarily online. Limited options to attend in person in Boulder, CO upon request.
  • Seven 1-day Virtual Retreats with Anna-Lisa Adelberg
    Monthly Sundays, from 10am-3pm Mountain (US) - see dates above.
  • Seven Peer Practice Groups
    Practice with fellow students to integrate and deepen your understanding of the material. Online materials offered in support.
  • Attend Virtually from Anywhere
    Attend from the comfort of your home or gather with fellow students.

This information refers to the Advanced Awakening program from February 2022. Dates for our next round are TBD.

You can enroll in Advanced Awakening as a standalone program or combine it with enrollment in the LAI 2-Year program and save 50%.

Luminous - Fundamentals

The Advanced Awakening 8-Month Course

Can be taken as a standalone course or in conjunction with the LAI 2-Year Program.
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