Luminous Teachers & Team

LAI Faculty and Guest Teachers

Read about the background, experience, and perspectives of Luminous Awareness Institute faculty and teachers.

Anna-Lisa Adelberg | Lorraine DeLear

Kristen Greco | Ethan J. Henson |

Mark Palmer | Ilarion Merculieff 

<strong>Anna-Lisa Adelberg</strong><br />
Founder & Lead Facilitator <br />
<strong>Lorraine H. DeLear, PhD. (Raina) </strong><br />
Core Faculty & Facilitator<br />
<strong>Kristen Greco</strong><br />Adjunct Faculty, Neuro-physiology, Somatics & Trauma
<strong>Ethan J. Henson</strong><br />Adjunct Faculty, Masculine/Feminine & Polarity Dynamics
<strong>Ilarion Merculieff</strong><br />Guest Teacher, Indigenous Elder & Leader
<strong>Mark Palmer</strong><br />Guest Teacher, Integral Thought Leader <br />