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The mission of the Luminous Awareness Institute is cultivating an illuminated heart-centered community dedicated to healing and uplifting the world.


Luminous is a fusion of HEALING and AWAKENING and RELATING


Luminous is a 2-year modern mystery school that blends wisdom teachings rooted in 5,000 years of spiritual science with contemporary methods – wisdom that is relatable to our modern culture and world. We teach the essence of spiritual traditions combined with our modern understanding of neuroscience, attachment, developmental trauma, and somatics.

All of these modern approaches are combined with time-tested spiritual practices that have systematic methods to train higher levels of consciousness. They dismantle negative habits and emotions, elevate the many levels of our wellbeing, and increase our capacity to thrive and be of greater service in the world.

Luminous is a HOLISTIC REMEDY for the human experience

Over the course of two years together, we will teach you a path and give you tools for true liberation. During this time, you will learn...

  • AWARENESS PRACTICES: To shift beyond ordinary awareness to the extraordinary awareness levels of the sages.
  • NON-DUAL MEDITATION: To master the invisible forces that shape your consciousness and experience of life.
  • ATTACHMENT WORK: The ability to connect to people on a whole other level, see situations in an expanded light, and develop the resources to be liberated from limited ways of being in the world.
  • CHILDHOOD SURVIVAL PATTERNS: The roots of your deeply anchored unconscious patterns and how to heal them.
  • SOUL AWAKENING: How to connect more clearly to who you really are, beyond your stories, beliefs and conditioning.
  • LOVING COMMUNITY SANGHA: The art of playing in the magical and the sacred, find true clarity and purpose, and experience a new level of freedom.
Photo by Trey Ratcliff
Photo by Trey Ratcliff

As you move into higher levels of consciousness, you will discover…

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  • Your personal energetic constitution and how to use it to optimize your life.
  • The intrinsic divine qualities and "superpowers" you were born with but haven't recognized yet.
  • The ability to shift your identity into awakened levels so your personal compass will magnetize the good.
  • How to help people feel more open with you and be compelled by your presence.
  • A feeling of causeless joy as you live more from your true Self—with synchronous flow and unbounded love.
  • An intimate connectedness with all of life, and the ability to rest in a knowing confidence.
  • Awakened relational practices in dyads, to realize our ultimate interconnectedness and cultivate our capacity for awakening in relationship with others.
  • How to awaken while integrating methods for healing attachment traumas, purifying our afflictive tendencies, and simultaneously cultivating their antidotes.

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Enrollment is open NOW for our 2024-2025 program

We begin June 2024

What Our students are saying

Mikey S. - LAI 2-Year Program Participant

Mikey S.

"The Luminous program has been one of the most, if not the most, life-changing systems of support I've received in my life. It's changed the way that I feel, the way that I interact with other people, the way that I navigate my life. It's helped me to be a better human being."


Deb V.

"Luminous is special to me because it's helped me recognize what is inside of me: the beauty, the perfection, the infinite possibility that exists now in me and in each of us. I operate and navigate in the world differently now."


Kingsley S.

"Luminous changed my life and has enabled me to access levels of consciousness that I only ever dreamed of. The teachers are world-class. It has probably been the greatest investment of my life."

Is this you?

  • Have you had glimpses of awakening, and want to learn how to stabilize those experiences into a lasting shift in the way you experience all of life?
  • Have you explored many different modalities of healing, and feel ready to learn the tools and skills required to truly resolve your development and attachment traumas?
  • Do you want to learn how to transform your shadow into its awakened expression, stop living from your smaller parts and recognize your true identity?
  • Are you tired of struggling in your relationships and ready to learn how to cultivate healthy bonds with others?
  • Do you seek a deeper understanding of your unique soul expression and want to cultivate your energetic abilities and superpowers?
  • Are you a heart-centered leader, visionary changemaker, or community influencer passionate about elevating consciousness and creating significant, positive change in the world?
  • Do you envision a brighter future for humanity and need support to fully activate your gifts and live your purpose here?
  • Do you want to feel part of a community of beings that are dedicated to the path of awakening, supporting each other to heal and awaken together?

If this sounds like YOU….

Luminous Awareness Institute invites you to take your seat in the Mandala and step into the next level of your being.

What our students are saying


"Luminous has been absolutely life-changing. I feel this incredible difference in my system from a year and a half ago when I started the program up until now. I have experienced levels of groundedness and depth that I never knew were available. I met parts of myself that I was simply at war with for years and was able to heal them on earth, in this beautiful environment that actually created sustainable long-term change versus the band-aid on bullet-wound approach of many other things that I've done in the last 15 years of being in personal development and spiritual development."

Samantha S.


"The profundity for me is the emptiness, the spaciousness, and the presence of more “masculine” paths being met and married with the more “feminine” fullness of being. This is not just a path of spaciousness and the emptiness of awareness, but it's also all of the riches that are arising through the body, through the emotions, through the mind, through nature. Luminous marries these together in a deep, intelligent, purposeful way."

Bryce W.

“Two stones cannot occupy the same space, but two fragrances can.” ~ Kabir Helminski

How does it work?

Our comprehensive program is a clear roadmap for awakening in your everyday life, healing negative patterns, and discovering and developing your unique energetic gifts.

You will join a community of like-hearted beings who will support your path of awakening and healing and become a new family of deep connections and lifetime friends.

You will participate in one introductory module online and seven live modules, each made-up of 4-day intensives (in-person or virtually) plus experiential practices, healing sessions, and additional classes to deepen your practice. Each module builds on the next, creating the foundation for weaving these skills into your personal and professional life.


Foundations Online Module

Develop a solid foundation for your Luminous journey with this comprehensive introductory online module. You’ll learn about the levels of mind, energetic anatomy and your energetic field, how to cultivate meta awareness, introductory developmental and attachment repair practices, and the importance of the spiritual Path.

7 Immersive Live Modules

Attend seven live intensive 4-day modules where we’ll explore each of the 7 wisdom qualities in detail: Air, Water, Tree, Fire, Earth, Realm and Crystal. These are immersive trainings are offered both virtually and in-person at a beautiful retreat center in Loveland, Colorado.

Community Meditations

Practice shifting your level of mind from ordinary consciousness all the way to awakened simultaneous awareness. By strengthening your awareness with clear pointings, the amplified field of the sangha, and regular practice, you will deepen your access to your awakened nature.

Home Group Meetings

Come into deep co-regulation with an intimate group where you can feel safe and beautifully reflected by your peers. Each group member will receive “mini” healing sessions, where you’ll effortlessly drop into your present time experience, as vulnerable, raw, and sublime as it might be, and be held in a shared group presence.

Classes Between Modules

Advanced Luminous teachers will take you deeper into the Luminous material, helping you explore on a personal basis how these teachings apply in your life. These labs are a powerful opportunity to practice the skills learned with fellow students and to explore the material of each module in greater depth.

Online Support Materials

Continue to marinate in the awakened wisdom qualities of Air, Water, Tree, Fire, Earth, Realm, and Crystal. A number of meditations and practices will be recorded during each module and shared with you in an online course portal to support and deepen your practice.

Program Dates


Fundamentals Weekend - online
7 hours, June 1-2, 2024

7 4-Day Intensive Modules
Virtually & at Retreat Center in Colorado
All Day - Thurs to Sun

Module Dates
June 27-30, 2024
September 5-8, 2024
November 21-24, 2024
February 6-9, 2025
May 1-4, 2025
July 24-27, 2025
October 2-5, 2025


Walking the Path - online

A standalone required course

No upcoming live modules but recordings are available for purchase at $99 for self-study.

Join Walking the Path

What our students are saying


Ana Paula M.

"Luminous has been instrumental in my life, in terms of my personal development, but beyond personal development it has awakened and supported the recognition of my spiritual unfoldment and growth. A lot of pieces of me that were in fractals now get to be united in a cohesive whole."


Jeff S.

"I was drawn to Luminous, as a community of people that are walking the path of awakening all at various different stages, but it is a group field committed to the fundamental principle that we are all God, we're all divine beings, and to be held in community in that way is just so powerful and special. Being supported in my awakening path and the realization that God is within, changed everything."


Devani F.

"I connected to my soul purpose through this program and I've stepped into levels of power, confidence and magic in my life that I didn't even know was possible. It's been an absolutely profound experience and I highly recommend it to anyone that's looking for growth, understanding, and what they want to achieve in their life, and want to get there on a faster path. This is the program."

"Bravery evokes Magic. Here bravery is the courage to be - to live in the world without any deception and with tremendous kindness and caring for others." ~ Trungpa

Your Path to Awakening and Healing Includes...

This program seamlessly integrates practices to realize our already here, awake nature with healing and shadow work to resolve our inner obstacles. The program's lectures, practices, experiential learning and in-depth modules provide you with:

  • A clear path and roadmap for the stabilization of your awakening awareness, the purification of your obscurations, and the realization of your true nature
  • A way to personally assess where you are on this path and what you must cultivate and practice next for your progression
  • Awakening practices through the 5 levels of Mind: Ordinary, Subtle, Awake Awareness, Simultaneous Awareness, and True Nature
  • Awakening practices through the 7 wisdom qualities of AIR, WATER, TREE, FIRE, EARTH, REALM and CRYSTAL
  • Awakened relational practices and energetic healing sessions supported by the group field: within a field of dynamic intelligence, we spontaneously liberate ourselves from our deeply rooted karmic patterns
  • Energetic Practices and healing techniques which open your lenses of perception and capacity to support others
  • Attachment trauma repair work
  • Healing through developmental stages: learn a systematic way to evaluate where you have gaps in the 7 stages of our development, and methods to repair them

Choose Your Experience

Luminous Modules offer an immersive experience, whether you choose to participate in person or virtually through Zoom. Both options provide access to our full curriculum, comprising teachings, meditations, lectures, experiential explorations, relational practices in dyads and small groups, and healing sessions. Additionally, labs, pods, and various teachings are available after each module, primarily in a virtual format.

While attending in person provides the valuable experience of physical presence and direct interaction, we also recognize the convenience and accessibility of online participation. Therefore, we offer a $2100 discount for those who choose to attend virtually, providing flexibility for those unable to join in person.

Whether you attend in person or virtually, the essence of our program remains intact, providing a transformative journey for all participants.

In-Person Experience

  • Step into a dedicated space, away from daily distractions, to immerse fully in your learning and practice at a serene retreat center.
  • Experience the direct transmission of teachings and the energetic potency of the group field in person, amplifying your journey.
  • Receive hands-on healings and face-to-face interactions, deepening your connection to the material and to others.
  • Enjoy social moments with fellow participants over meals and in shared spaces, allowing you to deepen bonds with the community and form lifelong connections.
  • Explore the natural beauty and tranquility of the retreat center's grounds in Colorado or venture into the surrounding area for personal reflection and adventure.
  • Please note: Additional costs for travel, meals, and lodging apply for in-person participation.

Virtual Experience

  • Dive into the material from the comfort of your own home.
  • Save costs as no travel or accommodations are necessary.
  • Stay connected to family, pets, and home.
  • Flexible participation - review the recordings later if you need to miss a portion or have something come up.
  • Full choice over how to spend meals and time before and after class.
  • Participate fully regardless of health or physical ability.
  • Enjoy $2100 off the program price

Sunrise Ranch Retreat Center, near Loveland, CO

The Luminous Curriculum

Throughout this program  we will learn to recognize and marinate in the 7 aspects of Awakened Wisdom.

These aspects are like facets of a diamond, each an aspect of the wholeness and an expression of our True Nature. We explore these facets through the 7 elements, Air, Water, Tree, Fire, Earth, Realm and Crystal, which are expressions of the deepest dimension of our being.

In each module we explore the Awakened wisdom qualities of one element and its energetic gifts, as well as its Shadow. In this way we realize all dimensions of our awakened consciousness and also work with the shadow that obstructs our Luminous awareness from shining in the world.

Luminous - 7 Facets

8 Immersive Live Modules

Each of the Luminous modules serve as immersive initiations, where we’ll journey together through the seven aspects of Awakened Wisdom. Each module is an exploration of one of these aspects—Air, Water, Tree, Fire, Earth, Realm, and Crystal—which reflect the multifaceted expression of our True Nature.

Students will delve into awakening practices, explore the shadow and awakened aspect of each quality, how they relate to human development, discover the remedies that heal each shadow, and learn how to apply these skills in personal and relational practices.

This comprehensive approach allows us to map these transformative qualities throughout the entire hologram of our lives, leading to a fully illuminated awareness that shines unobstructed in the world.




Experience 8 Weekends of LIVE, Interactive Awakening & Healing

In-Person and Virtual Options

Join Our Next Cohort

Enrollment is open NOW for our 2024-2025 program

We begin June 2024

"When you feel a peaceful joy, that's when you are near truth." ~ Rumi

Ways to Go Deeper

Deep Dive Track

The Deep Dive Track is for you if you are seeking a more intimate container for your healing process, and offers a chance to connect more closely with the Luminous founder and teacher Anna-Lisa Adelberg.

Including everything offered in the Basic Track, plus smaller group support for healing and practice as well as a personal healing session with the founder of Luminous, the Deep Dive Track offers a more intimate level of support. You’ll also get to know your fellow Luminous students at a more personal level, with plenty of opportunity to practice and go deep with the Luminous teachings.

Practitioner Track

The Practitioner Track offers a comprehensive pathway for those inspired to bring Luminous healing skills into the world. Aimed at healers, therapists, coaches, and anyone in the healing professions, this track equips you with a deep understanding and practical application of Luminous methodologies.

Beyond the foundational teachings, you'll engage in specialized training classes and practice sessions, designed to refine your skills and understanding. Whether you're expanding your existing practice or stepping into a new role as a healing practitioner, this track provides the tools, knowledge, and community support to excel and make a profound impact in the lives of others.

Returning students

Have you been through the 2-Year Program and want to take it again, or take it to the next level?

While following a core curriculum, each 2-Year Program is a unique and emergent transmission and exploration that arises from the living material and the energy of the new cohort. Returning students generally reflect that the second (or more) round deepens, expands, refines, grounds, and solidifies their healing, growth, and Awakening awareness.

The realizations and the opening of perceptions of Awakened Air, Water, Tree, Fire, Earth, Realm and Crystal deepen and expand every round and reveal more dimensions of what they really are. We welcome returning students to join us again, and to explore our advanced offerings that complement the stage of their journey.

For returning students who are interested in continuing their studies and practice as a Luminous practitioner, without repeating the full 2-Year Program, we are offering an online standalone training option. See the Practitioner Track page for more detail. 

Choose Your Program

Our 2-Year Program is a profound investment in your growth and transformation. We offer three different tracks that provide different levels of depth and personalized support for you to choose from depending on your needs and what your life can support at this time.

Each track includes Immersive group work, meditation and awakening practices, healing assessments, and online materials as the foundation. Additional opportunities to deepen the work include small group pods, a meditation weekend, sessions with advanced healers, and more.

Sign up before the deadline to receive $1000 off as shown below.

Additional discounts are available for returning students ($1500 off) and online participants ($2100 off). See the details page for more information on available discounts and financing options.

Basic Package

24 Monthly Payments of $613*
*Monthly price calculated post deposit and down payment
  • Foundations Module
    Develop a solid foundation for your Luminous journey with this comprehensive introductory online module.
  • Eight Modules
    Attend seven 4-day modules: Air, Water, Tree, Fire, Earth, Realm and Crystal (plus 2-day virtual Fundamentals module)
  • Seven Hologram Classes
    Explore how the awakened and shadow qualities show up through the entire hologram of your life.
  • Walking the Path Ongoing Community Meditation
    Receive clear instructions and support to help you know if you are on track with your personal meditation practice between modules.
  • Seven Home Groups Meetings
    Meet with peers in a facilitated group to check in, build connection, and share your experience.
  • Online Support Materials
    Continue your practice with the comprehensive educational materials posted in our online course portal.
  • Luminous Facilitated Labs
    Receive ongoing training and support as well as community connection between modules with online labs led by teaching staff.
  • Discounted Couples Sessions
    As a program participant, you can utilize the LAI5 Special rate for Awakened Relationship Couple’s Session with Ethan.
  • Note: Price excludes cost of the course "Walking the Path" which is a prerequisite for the program. The course is availble at $99 and includes six pre-recorded classes with Anna-Lisa Adelberg.
Most Growth

Deep Dive

24 Monthly Payments of $790*
*Monthly price calculated post deposit and down payment
  • Everything included in the Basic Package!
    - Eight Immersive Modules
    - Seven Hologram Classes
    - Ongoing Community Meditation Calls
    - Peer Practice Home Groups
    - Online Support Materials
    - Luminous Facilitated Labs
    - Plus the additional benefits below!
  • One Master Healing Session
    Receive a one hour session with Anna-Lisa Adelberg. This session will start the process of uncovering the energetic root to your primary issues, help release and re-pattern these issues, and begin to shift you into higher levels of consciousness.
  • Fifteen Healing Group Sessions
    Participate in 15 3-hour healing group pods where you gain extra practice while receiving private instruction and more personalized guidance on healing and awareness skills from a Luminous teacher in a small group format. During each Pod, several students receive a session or direct instruction from the teacher with the support of the other students.
  • Fifteen Practice Pod Sessions
    Participate in 15 2-hour healing mini practice sessions where you will exchange minis on the module practice theme.
  • Note: Price excludes cost of the course "Walking the Path" which is a prerequisite for the program. The course is availble at $99 and includes six pre-recorded classes with Anna-Lisa Adelberg.


24 Monthly Payments of $928*
*Monthly price calculated post deposit and down payment
  • For practitioner levels 1 & 2. More information under the practitioner training section.
  • Everything included in the Basic Package!
    - Eight Immersive Modules
    - Seven Hologram Classes
    - Ongoing Community Meditation Calls
    - Peer Practice Home Groups
    - Online Support Materials
    - Luminous Facilitated Labs
    - Plus the additional benefits below!
  • One Master Healing Session
    Receive a one hour session with Anna-Lisa Adelberg.
  • Fifteen Practitioner-Level Training Sessions
    Participate in 15 3-hour training sessions with a master teacher. These Zoom sessions will provide advanced trainings that will guide you to deepen your path in the Luminous body of work while providing you with the skills to offer sessions to others.
  • Fifteen Practitioner Practice Sessions
    Participate in 15 practice sessions where you are able to give and receive practice sessions with other Advanced practitioners-in-training.
  • Internship at Module
    Opportunity to intern at the modules to gain valuable expertise.
  • Practitioner Certification Available
    Requirements will be outlined in detail and included in this program for students who wish to be certified as Level 1 or Level 2 Luminous Practitioners.
  • Seven 5th-Day Module Add-Ons
    During each module, you will receive advanced breakouts and an additional 5th day focused on healing sessions and in-person practice.
  • Note: Price excludes cost of the course "Walking the Path" which is a prerequisite for the program. The course is availble at $99 and includes six pre-recorded classes with Anna-Lisa Adelberg.

More details and further information can be found using the link below

What our students are saying


Jason H.

"This is the only program I have experienced that has addressed the roots of why we suffer and not only address the roots, but show you the way to actually heal those things. I can't think of a better gift to life itself, than to actually embody a way of being well in the world and to relieve ourselves of suffering. This experience, this community, and these teachers bring so much understanding and so much embodied mastery of these practices that I feel I've hit upon something that is allowing me to truly live my life from a real sense of who I actually am."


Viraja P.

"If you're thinking about doing Luminous, I would say only, “do it”. If you're ready for your life to change, your relationships to get better, your relationships with yourself, others, the universe, the divine (or whatever you may call that) to change through your own personal choices and efforts, but also through the vehicle of the community and the program that you're in, it's absolutely going to happen."


Sindhu H.

"Luminous contains ancient, often hidden teachings from Eastern lineages. Many of the esoteric teachings and the deep deeper essence of the teachings have been lost in the way Eastern philosophy is shared today. At Luminous I feel in direct contact with the deepest essence of these ancient teachings and through the practices I am directly connecting with living wisdom intelligence and the all-pervasive energetic field."

By the end of the program, you will...

  • Elevate your everyday state of consciousness from the ordinary mind rooted in suffering to the expanded awakened states of peace and bliss that is your true nature.
  • Have the skills you need to do the profound work of healing developmental and later life traumas—turning these experiences into wisdom, liberating yourself from past patterns and stepping into a life of freedom and authenticity.
  • Discover and align with your unique energetic signature, cultivating the superpowers and gifts inherent to your soul’s path.
  • Master the art of cultivating healthy relationships by healing attachment wounds— transforming your familial, romantic, and professional relationships. And most importantly, the relationship with yourself and your soul.
  • Understand the gifts and distortions of each energy center (chakra), and how to heal, activate, and enhance these powers for personal awakening and healing.
  • Develop the superpowered ability of x-ray vision—the ability to look at someone’s body and energy signature and know the themes of their upbringing and current life circumstances.
  • Embody heart-centered power, merging Shiva (consciousness) and Shakti (energy) to transcend limited dynamics of power and embody true, service-oriented divine power.
  • Develop lifelong relationships with a sangha of awakened beings. This heart-centered community will offer unwavering support on your healing journey, providing a foundation of love and mutual growth.
  • Learn to walk your path in complete alignment with the loving truth of your heart, ensuring that your decisions and actions reflect the highest expression of your being.

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LAI Circle

Get a taste of what we explore in the program at a Luminous Circle!

Luminous Circles are a three-hour introduction to the Luminous Awareness Institute’s 2-Year Program and the integration of nondual awakening with healing into a comprehensive path.