Vali Soul Sanctuary
6717 Valmont Rd.
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Please arrive 15 minutes early to settle in. Circle begins promptly. Doors close at 6:15pm and late arrivals will be turned away.

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Luminous Circle

With Luminous Faculty

Luminous Circles are a three-hour introduction to the Luminous Awareness Institute’s energetic and personal transformation practices and upcoming programs.

Luminous Awareness Institute is an integration of a healing and non-dual awakening path. We integrate psychological and subtle energetic healing into the path so that awakening becomes not a means to transcend life, but to embody its wisdom and deep compassion in life.

At this circle we will harness the power of our collective awareness and create an amplified energetic field where healing and expanded states of consciousness become viscerally real. Not only will you witness Luminous healing in an amplified container but you may be the one to receive the healing! In just a few hours together, we can create a container that is profoundly heart warming, magical, and energetically rich.

You will also have a chance to ask questions, speak to Luminous faculty, current students, and larger community, and meet other people who are interested in enrolling in the Luminous trainings and activating their energetic skills and spiritual awareness in their lives.


Can I bring additional guests?
Yes, please bring along anyone you think might be interested.

Is there a fee?
Yes, a small fee is charged for this event - $20.

Can I arrive late?
No, unfortunately we cannot leave the doors open for those arriving late. When the Circle begins we create a sacred space and container for the guests that is disturbed by those entering late. If you know in advance that you won't be able to arrive at the start of the Circle we can help you find another date and time for a Circle that will fit your schedule.

Will I have a chance to talk with Luminous Faculty directly?
Yes! Faculty will be in preparation prior to the Circle and not able to take questions but will be available after the Circle has completed to speak with you.

Should I bring or wear anything special?
A majority of the time we will be gathered in a circle formation. Circles are held with most guests seated on the floor or in chairs. You may bring your own cushion if you would like. Some exercises are standing and movement related. There is no specific dress requirements come in what makes you comfortable.

What if I need a break or I am not feeling well during an exercise?
You may leave, break and attend to your needs at any time during the Circle. You can always raise your hand or ask for support whenever you need.