An intro to Luminous:

Step beyond the known, where the journey of Awakening begins

Join a Circle with Anna-Lisa Adelberg


(May be offered virtually or in-person.)

Upcoming Luminous Circles

Circles for LAI5 have closed.  Missed the Circles, but still have questions? Join us for an upcoming Q&A and Meditation event coming soon.

Photo by Trey Ratcliff

Luminous Circles are a three-hour introduction to the Luminous Awareness Institute’s 2-year program, which integrates nondual awakening with healing into a comprehensive path.

We integrate psychological and subtle energetic healing into a nondual path so that awakening becomes not a means to transcend life, but to embody its wisdom and deep compassion in life.

In the Luminous Circle, you will:

  • Shift your awareness beyond an everyday ordinary awareness. You will practice shifting into Subtle Awareness and Awake Awareness and beyond, to the extraordinary awareness levels of the sages.
  • Be introduced to the 7 Awakened Wisdom Qualities and how they help you master the invisible forces that shape your consciousness and experience of life.
  • Learn about different Energetic Constitutions and how they reveal optimal doorways for awakening and unique energetic gifts or "superpowers".
  • Connect to other people on a whole other level, experience each other's energetic qualities, and co-marinate in awakened "We" space.
  • Begin to understand how our early developmental and attachment traumas shape our sense of self and deeply inform our lived experience. Learn about ways to repair these early imprints, develop healthy resilience, a greater capacity for connection and open heartedness, as well as inner strength.


These practices and teachings are taste of what we will explore in-depth in the 2-year program. At these circles, we will play in the magical and the sacred, harness the power of our collective awareness, and create an amplified energetic field.

Anna-Lisa will demonstrate how we harness the power of the group field and group awareness to support people's healing and liberation.  In just a few hours together, we can create a container that is profoundly healing, heart warming, and magical.

You will also have a chance to ask questions, speak to Luminous faculty, Luminous students, and meet other people who are interested in enrolling in the Luminous trainings and activating their energetic skills and spiritual awareness in their lives.

What people are saying about the Luminous Program:

Mikey S. - LAI 2-Year Program Participant

 A profound synthesis of awakening, healing.

“The Luminous program has been one of the most, if not the most, life-changing systems of support I've received in my life. It's changed the way that I feel, it's changed the way that I interact with other people, it's changed the way that I navigate my life. It's helped me to be a better human being. If you're a spiritual seeker like I am, and you look around, you’ll realize there's no shortage of programs out there yet Luminous is unique and special for a few reasons; it actually brings together the best across domains from attachment therapy to Tibetan Buddhism, to human energy systems and healing. And it actually is one of the few programs that has a deep synthesis of healing and awakening. These are two things that are often separated in the spiritual marketplace, and Luminous offers a coherent integrated path..”

-Mikey S.


A recognition of our inner nature and new operating system.

“Luminous is special to me because it's helped me recognize what is inside of me: the beauty, the perfection, the infinite possibility that exists now in me and in each of us. I operate and navigate in the world differently now. I'm able to be myself more. Able to be bigger and fill more space and not shrink. And I'm able to offer my gifts to the world.”

-Deb V.

Lincoln N. - LAI 2-Year Program Participant

More than an intro course but something that integrates into the fabric of our lives.

“With Luminous there's a real integration with everyday life, because it's not just something that you do over a winter break for 10 days sitting silently, and then learn to integrate yourself. There are eight modules spread out over two years, and that allows you to bring the practices into real life and integrate them into your work life, and be able to develop better communication skills that you can bring into your relationships. I've been able to bring Luminous teachings into work, into service in my communities, to family life, and grow as a human being.”

-Lincoln N

LAI Circle

Upcoming Circles

Each Circle draws on core teachings and practices from our 2-Year program to invite the participants into a unique and emergent exploration.

Circles will be offered both virtually and in-person. Simply choose the date of the circle you wish to attend to register!


Can I bring additional guests?
Yes, please bring along anyone you think might be interested. As long as we have room, payment can be made at (choose the Join link for the date you are interested in). You can pay last minute at the door with a smartphone for in-person Circles - simply show staff your receipt. For virtual Circles, join the Zoom call using the link sent after registration.

Is there a fee?
Yes, the cost for this event is $35.

Can I arrive late?
No, unfortunately we cannot leave the doors open for those arriving late. When the Circle begins we create a sacred space and container for the guests that is disturbed by those entering late. If you know in advance that you won't be able to arrive at the start of the Circle we can help you find another date and time for a Circle that will fit your schedule. Doors will close and late guests will not be admitted. Please note this policy for late arrivals applies to both in-person and online Circles.

Will I have a chance to talk with Luminous Faculty directly?
Yes! Faculty will be in preparation prior to the Circle and not able to take questions but will be available after the Circle has completed to speak with you.

Should I bring or wear anything special?
For virtual Circles, please choose a space where you will be uninterrupted and wear clothing and arrange your space in the way that is most comfortable.

For in-person Circles, a majority of the time we will be gathered in a circle formation. Circles are held with most guests seated on the floor or in chairs. You may bring your own cushion if you would like. Some exercises are standing and movement related. There is no specific dress requirements; come in what makes you comfortable. Please remember to bring a mask for in-person events.

What if I need a break or I am not feeling well during an exercise?
You may leave, break and attend to your needs at any time during the Circle. You can always raise your hand or ask for support whenever you need.