Offerings with Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Sessions and Pods

Please read below for information about pods and sessions with Anna-Lisa

Please note: for sessions you must have signed up with Full Slate or Anna-Lisa’s assistant. You can contact Anna-Lisa’s assistant at Please see below for more information on pods.


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Sessions with Anna-Lisa may be booked by contacting

Please use the drop-down menu to pay for your session.

PODS (Zoom)

Pods are teaching and experiential environments, where participants get a direct experience of being in an amplified energetic space, explore how subtle energy can become viscerally real, and create energetic resource to transform deeply rooted patterns.

Pods usually have 12-15 participants.

A session or more may be given and all participants practice Luminous principles and techniques. Pods are places to deepen learning as well as observe, support, or receive sessions. Everyone benefits from the powerful group field.

The cost for pod is $100/session. We offer special invitation standalone pods, as well as series pods for students of the LAI 2 year program.

For students enrolled in the 2 year program, you may join a series of 6. You will be billed automatically every month, or you can pay for all 6 pods for $570 (a 5% savings). Pod series require a 6 month commitment, whether you are paying upfront or monthly. By making a payment here, you agree to pay for the entire 6 pods in full. You may find a substitute if you are unable to attend and that person can pay you directly for the pod they attend.

Please note: you must have signed up with a coordinator or assistant to be eligible for pods with Anna-Lisa. If you pay but are not on the list, you may not be able to attend and we will refund your payment. You can contact the coordinator at or Anna-Lisa’s assistant at