The Luminous Lineage: An invitation to join our mission

If you are feeling called to apply for the Luminous Lineage Path, you have a heart mission that is aligned with Luminous. Together we form part of a collective of sentient beings that are here to support global awakening and enlightenment on planet Earth. We recognize we are united in sharing a path and have a common collective purpose. As you heed your calling, you will discover your life is none other than a charge to serve humanity through out all time and beyond. We stand in our sovereignty and elect to be responsible. We cultivate direct relationship to and live into the wisdom of the emergent conscious intelligence, as it reveals itself to itself through our individuated being and the collective.

One aspect of the Luminous mission is to expand the collective of people awakening and enlightening across the globe. We are not attempting to awaken every being on the planet, nor does every being have to enlighten; rather our mission is to find the beings most ready to shift into what Ken Wilber refers to as 2nd tier consciousness. As we collectively join together, as enough beings recognize their true nature and awakened hearts, a tipping point is reached and we can collectively choose to change the quality of life for all beings everywhere.

LAI (Luminous) is both a gathering place and a training ground for part of this collective of beings, who work within themselves, together as community, and in the world to support a radical shift in the quality of life for all. We are here to bring individuals, and the collective, out of limited conditioned ordinary mind views, habituations, and into a full expression of their deepest, most expanded selves, together, here on earth.

Luminous is a spiritual path with a mission and an organization with designated roles and tiers of service:

Luminous will support you in your personal development and awakening, and for some we hope that being in Luminous may even lead to a career path within Luminous, or related to Luminous. Because we cannot know when you will be able to embody the Luminous teaching fully, we cannot say when you will be ready for different tiers of Luminous. Some of the later tiers require deep realization and capacities as a healer and transmission teacher. These roles will be offered to those who are truly ready.

We have designed the lineage in tiers so that both you and Luminous can make commitments and agreements with each other for the length of one program at a time. Each LAI program cycle will act as its own stand alone "container", with an exchange of service and teachings that create a complete experience. You offer your full presence and dedication for the cycle you commit to, and Luminous gives and offers lineage teachings and more personalized guidance within each of those cycles.

Roles within the Lineage Path: Lineage Dynamo, Holy Roller, Luminous Holy Roller Practitioner, Luminous Workshop Leader, Luminous Subtle Self Teacher, and LAI Teacher.

The following chart explains the role, and for the first three roles, the exchange and its value at each tier.


Tiers within the Lineage Path:

Returning to Luminous or progressing into later tiers in the lineage is something that you will need to apply for each round.

There is a generous exchange of the program and small group classes to develop your realization and Luminous skills at each tier. However, the training classes provided may not be enough to bring you to the level of full practitioner and/or Luminous teacher. Ultimately, your spiritual realization and embodiment of these skills is a result of your own practice, dedication, and the natural ripening of your awakening.

If you would like to support the deepening of your realization and skills at a faster rate and you desire extra training from any of the LAI teachers, you may arrange to schedule private mentorships or training pods with a specific teacher for an additional fee, either individually or in a group setting, in person or online. It would be between you and the teacher (and peers, if a group) to determine and arrange the logistics and the content covered.


We understand that for some of you, you'll be joining us for a shorter time, to support Luminous' mission and to deepen your own path, and that is beautiful. We also imagine that for others of you, you will dedicate your full time and energy to deepening in the Luminous practices and the way we offer these teachings in the world, and you will become the next LAI leaders, taking these practices out into the world. The latter does not happen simply through time or desire, but instead through immense devotion to Self development and practices over time. To become someone who carries the Luminous teachings out into the world means that you are a full representative of Luminous, that you have the capacity to embody and transmit the deepest teachings.

The Luminous Lineage: Skills and Commitments

The Commitments:

Embodying all of these roles will require commitment. To be in any of these roles - to be able to keep up, to be able to be of service the way others will be needing you, to be able to get out of it that which you hope for - you have to step in fully. Your commitment and follow-through will increase your own realization and increase your capacity to grow Luminous skills and to wield them with utmost care and responsibility.

  • Serve self, other, and humankind towards awakening and well-being on planet earth. How deeply are you committed to showing up in service? Practice aligning to our clearest intent in everything we do.
  • Deepen and stabilize your realization: regular sitting mediation and glimpsing practices. 1 hour regular sitting meditation (minimum 4 times a week) and glimpsing practices are required!
  • Develop your Luminous tracking and healing skills. This include practicing what we teach you, giving one healing session per week, and doing the homework assignments.
  • Work on your own personal development and healing. This includes receiving one healing session a week, to focus on your own healing, to deepen your realization, and to liberate yourself from limiting patterns that bind you. Sessions can be both trade with fellow students and at least one a month should be with someone from the Luminous Practitioner team.
  • Personal responsibility with your process, your parts, and your projections. This means at the modules, to ensure that we can work together harmoniously as a community, we embrace, while not enabling, our wounded parts.

Note: This also means on a daily basis between modules, to practice flexing this muscle of Self caring for ego-self. Are you willing to own and be responsible for your parts when they come up in yourself, in class, in our community? Are you willing to learn about your common projective dynamics and do the work to iron out your projections? We all have parts and projections and that’s to be expected - what is also to be expected is to be able to hold them in emptiness, without blame towards self or other, and without collusion, and in a way that allows for our training to be the focus of attention for the group.

Skills needed for each Role:

Each role has a level of dedication and a skillset required for that role related to levels of mind and healing skills. All must exemplify real dedication to LAI and it’s mission and to serve other beings’ well being. The other specifics are as follows:

Lineage Dynamo requirements:

  • A solid commitment to practicing meditation and healing skills.
  • Demonstrate that you are able to access levels of mind.
  • Some tracking ability at the outset.
  • The basic gifts of the benders.
  • Demonstrate that you have the capacity to own your parts and projections (see the section above for details).

Holy Roller requirements:

  • You must exemplify greater stabilization in higher levels of mind: they are now your baseline.
  • A deeper development of each of the benders.
  • You must exemplify access to a wide range of healing skills, and be able to give a full session from expanded levels of mind.
  • Note: There’s still an understanding that your sessioning skills will be refined during the internship of being a Holy Roller as you’ll be supported by the LAI field and other practitioners in the space.

Luminous Healing Practitioner requirements:

  • You must exemplify greater stabilization in even higher levels of mind: they are now your baseline
  • You must exemplify a deep cultivation of a wide range of healing skills. This means you have to have stable access to hold high levels of mind and have access to the full bender capacities (I.e. full spacious awareness, full embracing awareness, etc) and the ability to track both the energy and the content. You must be able to work with a being's emotional process in an accurately attuned way, to be able to hold ground and presence with their parts. You must be able to meet beings in their entire range of experience, holding resource no matter what happens.

Please see the handout for a more specific list of Practitioner skills. We’ll deepen our understanding of what these skills are as we practice together.

Luminous Lineage Skills


While being in the Luminous fields and classes is invaluable, as you’ve seen, to grow to the level of mastery required for the later roles at LAI that we invite certain beings into, requires much more than just showing up for class and the extra trainings we provide to support you in your development. The one who can most affect your development is you! So what can you do in your personal practice and your day to day life between modules to amplify your growth, if you feel called to this dedication?