Practitioner Certification

Practitioner Certification Track

While many students take the Luminous 2-Year Program for their own personal development, healing, and awakening practice, others may have an interest in applying these teachings more directly in their professional life.

You can train in Luminous skills through Practitioner Pods and the 5th day - Hands on Healing classes.  You may choose individual classes that you would like as a complementary modality to enhance your coaching, therapy, healing practice.  You may also apply these skills to leadership, group facilitation, in a business setting, or as a parent.

If you are interested in pursuing certification as a Luminous Practitioner, we offer Level 1 and Level 2 Luminous Practitioner certification. Additional cost and requirements apply.

You can work toward Practitioner Certification whether you are a new or returning advanced student.

If you have received Level 1 Practitioner Certification in past rounds of Luminous, you may want to explore some of our new offerings to deepen and enhance your skills even if you are now working toward Level 2 Certification.

To be certified as a Level 1 Luminous practitioner the requirements are listed below.

NOTE: The fulfillment of these requirements can happen over more than a two year period.

pracitioner trio

Level 1 Practitioner Certification

Level 1 Certification involves training in skills to give True Mirror sessions: Primarily working with the early developmental and attachment trauma. Techniques use high levels of awareness and practice superpowered counseling skills, energetic alignments, transmission, and the beginning of tracking skills and hands-on energy skills. The course will train in Air, Water and Tree, with some Fire and Earth. Skills are trained with subtle and awake levels.

True Mirror sessions are primarily to address the conditioning from our early development. At Luminous, the practitioner and client shift into their highest level of awareness available, and help the client become aware of a “part” by locating where and how its energy configures, and what its limited view is. In this process, the client learns to unmerge, dis-identify, and embrace with open-heartedness the part that is living in separation from wholeness and from a limited view of reality. You will also learn ways to repair attachment trauma and how to modulate your energy in ways that deeply support the client and help them co-regulate.

If you wish to be certified as a Level 1 Luminous Practitioner, there are specific requirements beyond those expected of all students. Meeting some of these requirements entails additional time and cost. Each of the requirements will be fully explained at the beginning of the program.

Becoming a skilled practitioner is an ongoing takes the time it takes and is dependent on your commitment to your own healing work and to doing your practice - giving and receiving sessions, exploring the material in greater depth, integrating what you are learning, and continuing to deepen your awakening and awareness. As a practitioner, you will be recognized as proficient once you have demonstrated your capacity. Luminous offers a context and opportunity to grow and practice in these ways, but does not guarantee a specific level of skill and competency as that will depend in large part on your dedication and commitment as well as the yet-to-be-healed personal work you may bring to the process.

For most students that don't come in with a practitioner background or other healing modalities, it can take 4+ years to truly become a skilled Luminous practitioner. You can take 2-4 years to complete Level 1 Practitioner Certification.

Training Requirements:

To really understand and apply Practitioner skill sets, those seeking Level 1 Practitioner Certification are required to participate in experiential and hands-on practice.

  • 12  Practitioner Pods
    • Each class will be half skills, and half "fishbowl" (being observed as a practitioner).
  • 1 Energetic Hygiene class
    • Learn to process and clear your system to stay resourced and aligned as a practitioner.
    • $250 / class
  • 3 hours of shared supervision
    • Work with a Luminous teacher in smaller groups to receive mentoring and discuss process of giving sessions
    • $450 / 3 hours

Highly Recommended:

  • 7 Energy Healing Skills Labs (5th day - with Anna-Lisa & Raina)
    • $499 / class

Please note: Level 1 Practitioner Certification entitles you to offer sessions in the Luminous framework in private practice or to weave these skills into other modalities. It does not guarantee you a job as an official Luminous Practitioner, which requires additional training and assessment and is by invitation only.

Session & Practice Requirements:

In order to develop the skill set that support being a Luminous practitioner, the following are required:

  • Give 80 Practice Sessions, with practitioner forms filled out and submitted. May be done with other students.
  • Receive Healing Sessions once a week for length of the program (78 sessions total)
    • Half from an official Luminous Practitioner and the others can be supplemented with a regular therapist or approved healer. Session forms filled out and submitted.
    • Already been tending your own healing? Up to 3 years prior can apply towards this.
    • Cost dependent on practitioner.
  • Do Weekly Mini trades with fellow students between each module (minis are 5-10 minute presence sessions). Several times per week recommended.
  • Minimum Meditation Practice of 3+ times per week, with daily practice recommended.
  • Energy Body Cultivation Practice 3+ times per week - Chi Qong, Yoga, Continuum, or similar.
    • Choose or continue an energy body practice.
  • Custom exercises may be assigned by teachers as your skillset develops.

Training Details

Monthly Practitioner Pod

Pods are small group healing and teaching classes offered by Luminous teachers. Running for 3 hours and limited to 12-15 students, they provide intimate attention and engagement with the material and a space in which to get more personalized attention and feedback from Luminous teachers.

Practitioner pods tend to focus on supporting students in actively giving sessions with supervision and feedback and applying the material taught during modules. A mix of skill building and "fishbowl" style observation and feedback help you develop as a practitioner.

  • Online through Zoom.
  • Pods are generally offered in series of 6.
  • Commitment to all 6 pods in a series is expected - this creates a consistent, rich group with whom to practice giving sessions and exploring applications of the teachings. However, occasionally something comes up and you may invite another student to take your spot and pay you directly for that pod.
  • A series can be added a la carte throughout the program with Anna-Lisa or other Luminous teachers.
  • Cost: $125/pod ($750/6 pods; $100/pod if purchased through the Accelerate package).

Hands-On Energy Healing Skills labs

In-depth and applied exploration of the Luminous teachings with Anna-Lisa Adelberg, Raina De Lear, and possible other Luminous teachers. (Held on the 5th Day / Monday, following each module.)

  • Primarily in-person
  • Dates: Monday following each module.
  • From 10am-4pm either Pacific or Mountain time, depending on which center we are attending.
  • Can be added a la carte after program starts.
  • Cost: $499 / 5th day

Private Mentoring or Supervision

Available with Luminous teachers and advanced practitioners. Receive mentoring and reflection on practical applications and how to give sessions within the Luminous framework.

  • Cost: dependent on practitioner.

Additional Practitioner Skills Offering

We will provide dates, details, and costs when available. These might include:

  • Energetic Hygiene Class - when we work with people on multiple levels, it becomes essential to know how to keep ourselves resourced, process anything that comes up personally, and clear our energetic systems. This class will explore best practices for energetic hygiene. With LAI Faculty Ethan Henson.
  • Other practitioner classes may be listed here as the program progresses

Level 2 Practitioner Certification

Level 2 Practitioner Certification includes training in skills to give Simultaneous Sessions.

Simultaneous sessions include high level tracking skills and advanced hands on energetic healing skills at Awake and Simultaneous levels - for Air, Water, Tree, Fire, Earth, Realm and Crystal. Certification is only given when skill levels are demonstrated.

For the Simultaneous liberation process, the practitioner and the client shift into Simultaneous mind. The practitioner rests in the awakened ground and allows dynamism to flow, using their local awareness to help “track” what is arising for liberation in the client. The client also rests in the awakened ground, allowing the dynamic aspect of awareness energy to flow effortlessly. Often these sessions are working with experiences that are not limited to this time or dimension. Sometimes what is being processed is difficult to name, as it is beyond our ordinary consciousness and cannot be understood from the limitations of our thinking mind.

All Luminous teachers are certified in Level 2 and also have developed skills in working with group fields, transmission to groups, stable awakening, deeply worked personal process, high ethics, and so on.

In general, the capacity to give Simultaneous sessions takes a number of years to develop. As you continue to go through the evolving material of the Luminous teachings, deepening your skill, spiritual awakening, and personal growth, you become more able to access this level of awareness and presence. As you step more and more into your capacity as a practitioner, your trust in the natural self-liberating process strengthens. Continuing to work with Luminous teachers and fellow practitioners and students in a rich group field facilitates this development and helps you recognize when you are already there.