Enrollment Details - New Students

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We have a few important questions for you. Please read over the details and fill out our form.

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More info about some of the questions:

Intention to pursue Level 1 Practitioner Certification

Do you think you want to work toward Level 1 Practitioner Certification? Additional homework and personal healing sessions are required for this track, which will add to the overall price of the program. Successful completion of this track allows you to offer Luminous sessions as a private practitioner or to weave Luminous practices into other modalities or contexts in your personal or professional life. You can make this decision up to the end of Module 2. Please note: This is available with any package or payment plan.

Dietary Requests

Let us know if you have specific dietary requests. Our retreat centers will do their best to accommodate most common needs. You can update this prior to each module.

Interest in Pods

Pods are teaching and experiential environments, where participants get a direct experience of being in an amplified energetic space, explore how subtle energy can become viscerally real, and create energetic resource to transform deeply rooted patterns.

There are usually 8-12 participants.

A session or more may be given by the Luminous Practitioner facilitating the pod and all participants practice Luminous principles and techniques. Pods are places to deepen learning as well as observe, support, or receive sessions and emerge from the arising needs of the group. Everyone benefits from the powerful group field.

In general, pods meet once a month. Pods are optional and NOT included in the tuition. Below are the details.

  • Each Pod usually has at least 8-12 participants who commit to the same group for 6 months to one year.
  • Each Pod meeting costs $100.
  • You may miss one group every 6 months and find a substitute.
  • Healing sessions received in Pod meetings may count for required healing sessions for those working towards the Practitioner Certificate.
  • We will have Pods in San Francisco/East Bay and likely in Santa Cruz and San Diego as well. Some pods will also be available in Boulder, CO.
  • For out of town students, Pods will be arranged on Thursday from 10am to 1pm before the modules start. There will be one for Module 1 but these won't really get going until Module 2, so don't worry if travel plans don't allow it this time.
  • Zoom pods - this is an experimental development. If there is interest, we will see how they work.

Let us know if you are interested and we'll make sure to reach out to you with details as we get going (you will have additional opportunities to make a decision - this is to gauge initial interest).