Ocean View property

perfect for a retreat center or boutique hotel

for sale in Nosara, Costa Rica







What would it be like to have your own sanctuary in paradise?

Incredible investment opportunity!

7 acres very buildable land with Ocean view,

for sale in Nosara, Costa Rica

  • 7 minutes to the popular village of Nosara and 10 minutes to Guiones beach.
  • A perfect setting for a profitable venture 
  • close to Bodhi Tree yet feels secluded with nature views on all sides.
  • Approved water letters and well water.

The rare opportunity to own a turnkey property that is already masterplanned with water and electricity.

An entire plan has already been completed that you can use as a basis for your vision, including vetted architects, builders, and everything permitted for a family compound, retreat center or boutique hotel. 

There is a turnkey solution available, we managing everything from permits to construction and transform retreats into income producing assets. Thanks to our sustainable small villas we can rapidly deploy units. We help rent, manage and maintain the units and the property to our brand standards.

While some only dream, a select few will know the peace that comes with “Pura Vida”

Create your dream, and escape from the grind of life and rejuvenate your spirit. A place where well-being isn’t just fostered, it’s a way of life and the freedom to thrive and embody the spirit of Costa Rica’s pura vida, the (pure life).


Just minutes away from the popular eco-village of Nosara and world class surfing. 

You could build in this site a family compund or its  perectualy situated for a small profitable venture,  10-15 small villas with valley and ocean views, with a pool and yoga deck, sauna, cold plunge ready every morning and place to gather  to  eat or round a fire pit with your friends and loved ones.

The property rests, nestled above the lush jungle treetops. Complete  with stunning views of the open expansive ocean. With quick access to the enchanting charming eco-town of Nosara and beautiful beaches, this sanctuary offers a new reality to its owner and what ever they create here.

A place to come back into balance with yourself and the world. Where you can make a practical investment in an eco-minded future, while being deeply supported by the nourishing land of Costa RIca.



An opportunity to invest in paradise.

If you're interested, we can set up an informational call!


18 Homesites on average 5000m (one acre and ¼) each

See the site map below for the current plan to make best use of the potential of this amazing plot of land.

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The Location

Why Nosara?


Situated in the one of the world's 5 blue zones, Nosara enjoys a very bohemian health and well-being lifestyle, boasting world class yoga centers, organic food, healthy restaurants and juice bars, and an incredible array of beaches, jungle and wildlife. Local residents have tapped into the secret of longevity and “pura vida”- the pure, simple, close to nature life, that leads to true happiness.  The village is small enough you feel a sense of belonging running into familiar faces as you walk from yoga to the beach. The community is international and nomadic enough that there is always someone interesting to meet.

Costa Rica is considered one of the most eco-friendly countries to live in, running entirely on renewable energy. The lifestyle is centered around clean living with a particular emphasis on the environmental protection of the country’s diverse eco-systems.

As an extra incentive, Costa Rica allows real estate investors of $150,000 to apply for permanent residence, making the notion of moving to paradise an attainable goal.


The Land

Nestled on a hillside just outside of Guiones, Nosara, this extraordinary property was chosen specifically for its strategic location, stunning views, ample water, natural resources and environmental preservation. Inspired by the serenity and natural beauty of the environment, The property offers a diverse landscape with breathtaking views and spectacular sunsets. With ample room to hike and a natural creek on one border, the environment makes for the perfect setting a small development or retreat center.

The peaceful seaside town of Nosara is located in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica’s North West Coast. Boasting stunning wildlife, nature, beaches and local culture, this town has become a favorite to those looking for the Life Less Ordinary. From Waldorf Schools, to Permaculture farms, Organic markets, and incredible restaurants, to some of the best wellness practitioners and teachers of multiple modalities of healing – Nosara really has a special combination of ingredients. The people who are drawn to Nosara the final ingredient thought! Like-minded families and individuals looking to pioneer new ways of living and being for themselves and others.

Costa Rica, as a whole, is a country that boasts the energy so well coined by its tag line, “Pura Vida!” A country with no standing army, some of the highest literacy rates in the Americas, carbon neutrality with excess renewable energy, growing forest coverage, and the highest biodiversity per square foot in the world.





"Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet"

Thich Nhat Hahn





Why Own Land in Costa Rica?


  • Easy Residency when purchasing a $150,000 real-estate, investors become residents and later can obtain citizenship.
  • Safe way to diversify assets out into something that really matters (your life)!
  • Full Titled Ownership Rights in a market with strong growth over the years
  • Having Water and Food Security w/ Land that you can call your own (Plan A)
  • Build a home, family compound, or multi-bed retreat and  earn income while you are away or traveling so it's not just another idle asset in your portfolio.
  • Costa Rica has quickly become a hub for community, ecology, wellness and life 2.0

Why live full or part time in Costa Rica?

  • Happiness. (People of Costa Rica are ranked the happiest people in the world)
  • Sense of freedom, fewer rules
  • Living in nature with first-world amenities.
  • Time Zone that allows me to work with the US
  • The warm ocean beach life
  • Warm weather all year long
  • Health — it’s easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle environment and Eco-friendly
  • Affordable access to wonderful organic food
  • The value. I have so much more buying power for the work I do here.  
  • Safety
  • Expat friendly (over 100,000 American Expats already residing in Costa Rica)
  • Fiber-Optic reliable internet connection
  • Proximity to US (3 hours from Colorado, NY or Miami and 5 Hours to LA or SF
  • Stable reliable government. A president that cares about the environmen. A country with no military

If you're interested, we can set up an informational call!