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We want to hear from you!

Luminous is interested in hearing your feedback - both positive and constructive.

Your feedback will help us structure upcoming Lineage meetings, determine the focus of classes, and adjust other aspects of the Lineage program in ways that are of service.

As always, we invite you to get minis and other forms of support in order to meet what's arising and find discernment about what is important so that you can share your feedback constructively.

This form is a way that you can submit feedback.

Your email address and name are both optional. If you choose not to enter those, we will receive your submission but we will not be able to respond directly. For full anonymity, please logout before submitting.

In all cases, we will acknowledge your request if we have a means to contact you. However, please bear in mind that we may or may not be able to accommodate your desire given the capacity, vision, and context of the Luminous program.

We deeply appreciate your feedback and will incorporate suggestions where possible and appropriate in our ongoing commitment to creating an exceptional program supporting our fullest awakening and expansive unfolding within the Luminous framework.

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  • (This might include the strengths that you bring, the way the material is landing in you, powerful experiences or realizations you are having, or...?)
  • (This might include how the emerging Lineage meetings can be more helpful, ideas for better delivery or exploration of content, unaddressed needs that you have or that you are tracking in others, or...?)