Practitioner Certification

Practitioner Certification Track

While many students take the Luminous 2-Year Program for their own personal development, healing, and awakening, others may have an interest in applying these teachings more directly in their professional life.

If you are interested in pursuing certification as a Luminous Practitioner, we offer Level 1 and Level 2 Luminous Practitioner certification. You can work toward Practitioner Certification whether you are a new or returning advanced student.


Why get certified as a Luminous Practitioner? 

Luminous Practitioner training goes above and beyond what is typically taught in other counseling and healing programs. 

Level 1 certification trains practitioners to give Luminous True Mirror sessions, which primarily addresses the conditioning from early development. You’ll learn counseling and nervous system skills much like an attachment therapist, while bringing in a high level of awareness of the energy body and the role it plays in our constitutional tendencies. Luminous training is unique in that it is more grounded than most energy healing systems by integrating psychological understanding of childhood development, and is more resourced and full of awakening transmissions than average ordinary mind counseling.

With this training, you’ll become a superpowered counselor or coach, able to carefully attune to your clients and provide the transmission needed to truly repair the ruptures created in early life. These unique skills make Luminous practitioners highly sought after, and Level 1 practitioners can often charge $150 to $250 for a session. 

In Level 2, you’ll integrate all of the training of Level 1 in developmental trauma, attachment repair, and counseling work from high levels of awareness, as well as beginning to open up your non-ordinary perception abilities to work with the energetic field. 

Level 2 students will be working on stabilizing their access to awake awareness, and must be meditating regularly and practicing off the pillow. We’ll also begin to understand what it means to open up the kundalini channels and be able to support someone else’s kundalini opening. From this space we begin to move beyond working with the individual and their developmental past, and can start to open up to the multi-dimensional being and healing all of the karmic traces of their lineage. This is an extraordinary skillset that not many other healers, counselors, or coaches can offer. Typical rates for a Level 2 practitioner are $250 to $450 for an hour.

pracitioner trio

Level 1 Practitioner Certification

In order to receive Luminous Level 1 Practitioner Certification and provide True Mirror sessions, students need to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Self awareness of their own primary ruptures and needs, and less identification with their own patterns
  • Emotional attunement, and the ability to attune to their clients’ needs
  • Ability to complete an intake form to get the personal history of a client
  • Ability to identify the energetic constitution and character styles of a client, including primary shadows, needs, and gifts
  • Ability to help a client identify their child parts, distinguishing between the deeply vulnerable parts (feminine side) and the protective/managing parts (masculine side)
  • Able to provide a Luminous True Mirror session:

Over the course of a session a practitioner should be able take a presenting complaint, help the client realize how the complaint is rooted in their history, find their frozen child parts, metabolize the experience, frame and reframe distorted beliefs, provide the missing experience, help them work with their parts, and give the client a clear understanding of how over time they will be able to rebuild and recondition their nervous system into that of a healthy adult. 

In addition, students must be able to demonstrate the skills of the following Luminous qualities:


  • Ability to maintain spacious awareness for the duration of a session
  • Access to meta awareness
  • Can cultivate meta awareness in the client
  • Ability to hold the content of a session with emptiness 


  • Ability to consciously modulate to the emotional field
  • Know and able to transmit the qualities of healthy Mother for attachment repair 
  • Ability to transmit warm, unconditional loving awareness 
  • Help client have the direct felt sense of emotional rupture
  • Grow capacity of emotional fluency and help client grow emotional fluency 
  • Guide clients to come into their emotional body and directly feel and express their emotions
  • Ability to create interconnectedness, co-regulate and guide the client to the experience of safe bonding
  • Ability to transmit safety and security though their physical transmission of eyes, voice, prosody, touch with consent 


  • Demonstrate discerning awareness
  • Know and able to transmit the qualities of healthy Father for attachment repair 
  • Ability to transmit reliable, stable presence 
  • Ability to frame and reframe, help them find original beliefs and help frame them, and then reframe them into healthy beliefs 
  • Able to discern healthy attachment from unhealthy attachment
  • Ability to challenge distorted beliefs
  • See and reflect the inner strength of the client
  • Strong center with clean boundaries that can hold unwavering truth 


  • Ability to modulate into the frequencies of the earth and the body
  • Ability to transmit stable ground

Level 2 Practitioner Certification

Level 2 Certification deepens and builds upon the skills developed in Level 1. You’ll be trained in giving Simultaneous Sessions in addition to deepening with True Mirror sessions. In order to receive Luminous Level 2 Practitioner Certification students need to demonstrate everything required for Level 1, plus the following skills:

  • Access to and beginning to stabilize simultaneous awareness
  • Able to assess primary ruptures in their clients and able to offer a clear and powerful transmission of what is needed to repair (qualities of air, water, tree, earth, fire, realm, crystal)
  • Ability to modulate their energy appropriately to their client’s constitutional needs 
  • Have basic access to all 7 wisdom qualities
  • Awareness of and beginning to cultivate their own constitutional gifts and bender abilities
  • Ability to open non-ordinary awareness related to the chakras, beginning with the ones that are most natural to your constitution 
  • Able to provide a True Mirrors (Level 1) session from an awakened level
  • Awakening of kundalini energy, ability to access the dynamism of energy  
  • Beginning to work from the simultaneous level of awareness energy and the self-realizing and self-liberating spontaneous wisdom energy 
  • Beginning to develop tracking abilities, the awareness of the specific energy and content present in a client
  • Beginning to access direct knowing and mind-streaming, effortlessly opening to spontaneous wisdom
  • Access to healthy power and the union of masculine and feminine qualities, with awareness of how to purify the distortion of hyper feminine and hyper masculine


In addition, students must be able to demonstrate the skills of the following Luminous qualities:


  • Growing access to awake awareness (not just spacious awareness), with glimpses of the realization of emptiness
  • Access to local and non local awareness
  • Ability to track the levels of the energy field around the body
  • Strong meta awareness within themselves
  • Realization of the emptiness of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and form
  • Highly attuned to subtle shifts within the field


  • Able to glimpse the interconnected field of awareness energy and fullness 
  • Ability to transmit the qualities of divine mother and the infinite unconditional love of the universe
  • Felt universal sense of interconnectedness
  • Access to the bliss body and ability to repair our relationship to the sensual  
  • Can view through heart and the belly, the authentic experience of the preciousness of all beings 
  • Opening capacity of felt sense of the field, feel other people’s emotions 


  • Deepening alignment with the central channel, with glimpses of resting within the central channel itself
  • Ability to sense what is based in Truth and non Truth, demonstrating spiritual discernment
  • Ability to transmit the qualities of divine father, with stabilized awakened discernment
  • Unconditional guiding presence and support leading towards truth, more stabilized in alignment
  • Ability to both support and challenge, providing masculine presence and transmission of alignment  
  • Access to the mental field and beliefs, ability to discern distorted beliefs and churning emotion from the natural expression of emotion and what is true



  • Glimpses to awakened infinite ground of being, starting to access the realization of emptiness and form as one 
  • Ability to modulate to the level of the body, and begin to read the energy of the organs, tissues, bones, etc.  
  • Realization of the interconnectedness to all of life and nature, commune and communicate with nature, meet and find the resource of nature able to commune and embody qualities of rocks, mountains, jungle, plants, sacred relationship to nature and all of life 
  • Ability to work with sound vibration for purposes of healing 


  • Kundalini is beginning to awaken
  • Access to dynamism in the body, and some access to the infinite dynamic field
  • Access to conscious eros 
  • Some realization of the union of masculine and feminine, and the union of eros and heart 
  • Access to awake awareness and dynamic energy, able to move and direct energy 
  • Gain conscious governorship of power, uninhibited access to true power
  • Ability to direct and lead in session
  • Ability to transmute energy and beginning to know how to initiate the self arising, self liberating, self realizing process  


  • Starting to be able to receive information beyond the cognitive mind from non ordinary perception 
  • Developing fluid access to soul within self, see and reflect soul in others
  • Beginning of opening vision, the seer, access to the mystical
  • Able to see energy 
  • Able to glimpse multi dimensional reality, and connect with beings from subtler dimensions 
  • Access to spontaneous wisdom, causeless joy, and the the childlike wonder 
  • Able to open and unbind fixation and rigid conceptualizations 
  • Wherever beliefs are too firm or too solid, can use play, spontaneity and humor to relax fixation 


  • Ability to maintain clarity in the face of chaos
  • Beginning to have access to mind streaming and direct knowing 
  • Ability to cohere a disorganized field and bring coherence to disorganization
  • Starting to understand the greater architecture of the human energy field 
  • Beginning to cultivate more precise tracking and awareness of the highly structured field
  • Ability to look at things from a larger architecture, able to see the whole and parts at the same time  
  • Access to clear heart knowing


By Level 2 you should have at least one or two of these well developed, and beginning to have access and glimpses of the qualities that are further away. 

Level 3 Certification and Beyond…

It’s important to realize that the Luminous system of healing is an unfolding spiritual path, not only a transfer of intellectual information. While students who complete the requirements and demonstrate the necessary skills will receive the Level 1 certification and Level 2 certifications, it may take many years for students to fully develop the depth of awakening and skills. At each level we’re expecting a more stable awakening and deeper level of realization of each wisdom quality. 


Certain advanced practitioners may qualify for a Level 3 certification, the requirements for advanced certification are still in development. Though by this level students should have the self-arising wisdom consciousness fully guiding the session.

Returning Students

Returning students who have completed prior practitioner training with Luminous (pods, 5th days, etc.) will need to assess what level you are ready for at this time. We’ll first ask you to self assess your skill level according to the guidelines above, and then apply to the appropriate level. If you need extra guidance on where you may fall, you can reach out to Luminous staff for direction.


Some students may need to repeat levels more than once before developing the skills necessary to move onto the next level. Luminous is training in in-depth healing skills that can take time and much practice to master. Luminous teachers can guide you on where you may need extra practice and support to fill in any gaps in your skills.

Requirements for Certification

As stated above, students will need to develop mastery of certain skills to qualify for Level 1 or Level 2 Certification. This will require regular observation and feedback from Luminous teachers. 

Over the course of their training, students will be responsible for receiving assessment and observation from teachers. Opportunities to receive observation include the 15 training classes, and the 7 hands-on training days. There will be 3 required assessments over the course of the 18 month training. 

Students will also be required to give and record 75 practice sessions over the course of the training.


Students will be assessed on the qualities outlined above and:

  • Ability to modulate to the emotional, mental, physical field, as well as to the heart level of the field. 
  • Meditation ability, and their ability to shift to the different levels of mind. 
  • Access to awake awareness, and should be able to open spacious awareness daily. 
  • Ability to modulate the levels of the field in connection with others during a session. 
  • Ability to offer the qualities of air, water, tree, and earth (for level 1), as well as realm, fire, and crystal (for level 2) during a session. 


Additional Recommendations: 

  • Students should be meditating for a minimum of 5 hours per week.
  • Weekly Mini trades with fellow students in between each module. (Minis are 5-10 minute presence sessions.) Several times per week recommended.
  • Regular healing sessions are a strong recommendation for practitioner track students, but it is not a requirement for certification. If students are experiencing blocks around certain key areas, this needs to be healed and addressed in order to be a healing conduit for someone else. The depth of healing you are able to offer someone is a reflection of where you are in your own healing process.
  • Energy body cultivation through Qigong, and other body based energy cultivation practices are highly encouraged. 

Healthy Boundaries

Another skill students will be assessed for is their ability to maintain professional boundaries. Because we are working with our early attachment, we are working with very vulnerable and young child processes. It is of the utmost importance that practitioners are able to maintain healthy containers and boundaries with clients. 

Practitioners must be able to maintain their role, understanding that they are providing transmissions of healthy parent to the child parts of their clients. There must be no transgressions around sexual energy or sexual interaction between practitioner and client, and the practitioner must be maintaining awareness of the professional role they are playing in the life of their clients. 

We will go deeper on how to maintain professional and healthy boundaries over the course of the practitioner training.