Enrollment Details - New Students

Please look over the following and fill out our intake form!

We have a few important questions for you. Please read over the details and fill out our form.

Fill out our intake form:

More info about some of the questions:

Basic or Accelerate Package

Please let us know which package you choose so we can send you the appropriate payment link. The primary difference between these two is that the Accelerate Package wraps a number of sessions and pods (small group healing environments) into your payment plan. You can still add sessions and pods to the Basic Package a la carte at any time, as desired. You can review the pricing and packages on the 2-Year Program page.

Intention to pursue Level 1 Practitioner Certification

Do you think you want to work toward Level 1 Practitioner Certification? Additional homework and personal healing sessions are required for this track, which will add to the overall price of the program. Successful completion of this track allows you to offer Luminous sessions as a private practitioner or to weave Luminous practices into other modalities or contexts in your personal or professional life. You can make this decision up to the end of Module 2.

Room and Board

Please let us know if you have a preferred roommate (you can change this before any module). If so, please make sure you have confirmed their interest in rooming together as well. Additionally, if this person is someone you'd like to share a bed with, let us know. Most rooms have twin beds and are shared. There are only a small number of double or queen beds and we give priority to couples or friends wishing to share a bed for these. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Let us know if you have specific dietary requests. Our retreat centers will do their best to accommodate most common needs.