LAI5 BIPOC Basic Financial Agreements, Terms & Program Overview

Dear Luminous Being,

We are excited to have you join us as a student in the LAI 2-Year program (2024-2025) whether you will be attending in-person modules in Colorado or joining us virtually through our online program!

We, with Luminous Awareness Institute LLC (“Luminous” or “LAI”), are asking you to read over and sign the following agreements that set the container for the relationships between you and Luminous, between all of us as members of an intentional evolutionary learning community, and between you and your own integrity, intention, and alignment to serving Awakening. While we realize this is a lot to read, your careful consideration of and consent to these agreements enables Luminous to create and maintain itself as a teaching lineage of high integrity, heart-centered offering, and impeccable quality. It facilitates a community in which the greatest trust, healing, and awakening can occur. 

These are the categories we ask you to consider and agree to:

  1. Program Overview (see below)
  2. Financial Agreements & Terms (see below)
  3. Use of Luminous Teachings, Materials, and Transmissions (separate document)
  4. LAI 2-Year Liability Waiver and Release (separate document)

Questions? Please feel free to contact:

Luminous Coordinating Team, at 


2-Year Basic Program Overview

Luminous is dedicated to generating a loving, harmonious, awake world and to creating happiness and well-being for all sentient beings. This is a lineage path that trains people to awaken to their deepest nature as well as provides tools of liberation and healing that enable us to clean up and purify all the parts of self until we are the living embodiment of that realization. The healing that arises and the skills and techniques taught within a committed community of co-explorers, with expert guidance from teachers who strive to walk the path themselves, are meant to become ongoing practices that ripple through all areas of our lives.


Prerequisite Course: Walking the Path of Awakening Awareness 

  • This standalone class is required of all new students. It is NOT included in the overall tuition. You can join the class, even if you are coming in late. 

  • If you miss the course entirely, you will still need to sign up and then review all the recordings and deepen your meditation practice prior to & in preparation for the 2-Year program. 

Fundamentals Online Module

  • 2-day Online module 
    • June 1-2, 2024

Seven 4-day modules (Thursday through Sunday)

  • Module Times:
    • Modules begin with arrival and check in around 12:30pm Mountain Time on Thursday, with class starting at 2:00pm.
    • Modules complete on Sunday by roughly 6:00pm
  • Module Dates: (please add to your calendar)
    • June 27-30, 2024
    • September 5-8, 2024
    • November 21-24, 2024
    • February 6-9, 2025
    • May 1-4, 2025
    • July 24-27, 2025
    • October 2-5, 2025
  • Immersive, residential setting for in-person participants
    • Colorado: Sunrise Ranch near Loveland, CO
    • Food and lodging are arranged at a separate expense from program tuition
  • Inclusive Zoom streaming for virtual participants
    • Online participants are included in all formal aspects of the program from the comfort of their own homes.

Additional Offerings via Zoom for all participants

  • Seven Hologram Classes – online via Zoom
    • Fridays, from 6-9pm MT
      • Air: July 26, 2024
      • Water: October 4, 2024
      • Tree: January 10, 2025
      • Fire: March 21, 2025
      • Earth: June 27, 2025
      • Realm: August 22, 2025
      • Crystal: November 14, 2025
  • Seven Home Groups Meetings – online via Zoom
    • Sundays 6:30-8pm MT
      • July 14, 2024
      • Sep 22, 2024
      • Dec 8, 2024
      • Feb 23, 2025
      • May 11, 2025
      • Aug 10, 2025
      • Oct 12, 2025
  • Seven Luminous Facilitated Labs – online via Zoom
    • Saturdays, from 1-4pm MT
      • Air: July 20, 2024
      • Water: September 21, 2024
      • Tree: January 4, 2025
      • Fire: March 1, 2025
      • Earth: June 7, 2025
      • Realm: August 16, 2025
      • Crystal: November 1, 2025
  • Walking the Path Classes – online via Zoom
    • Once you have taken WtP once and enrolled in LAI5, all subsequent WtP classes are included 
    • Saturdays 1-4pm MT
      • WtP6 L01 : July 13, 2024
      • WtP6 L02: Aug 10, 2024
      • WtP6 L03: Sep 14, 2024
      • WtP6 L04: Oct 12, 2024
      • WtP6 L05: Nov 9, 2024
      • WtP6 L06: Dec 14, 2024
      • WtP7 L01: Jan 11, 2025
      • WtP7 L02: Feb 22, 2025
      • WtP7 L03: Mar 15, 2025
      • WtP7 L04: Apr 12, 2025
      • WtP7 L05: May 10, 2025
      • WtP7 L06: June 14, 2025
      • WtP8 L01: July 19, 2025
      • WtP8 L02: Aug 9, 2025
      • WtP8 L03: Sep 13, 2025
      • WtP8 L04: Oct 11, 2025
      • WtP8 L05: Nov 8, 2025
      • WtP8 L06: Dec 13, 2025
  • Occasionally optional add-on opportunities are offered. These will be announced in advance and are not included in your tuition cost. These can be added to your financing only if they occur at the beginning of the program. Once your loan is set up, add-ons must be paid for separately.

Review the full program description on our 2-Year Program page, including the dates for each module. These details will also be added to the student course portal.

All modules in this program are built on preceding modules, creating an increasingly rich and deep collective group field in which to grow, heal, and build skills, both individually and collectively. This student body has been carefully chosen to build a diverse and potent community that is most likely to support development of awake awareness with healing. Each person matters and helps set the tone to create the context for our journey together. Your active engagement with the material and with the community is essential. We invite you to hold both yourself and others with this in mind.

Specific information about each module and the material covered will be presented through our online course portal throughout the program.

Luminous Awareness Institute reserves the right to make necessary adjustments to the curriculum, course offerings, class hours, scheduled dates (with at least 60 days notice barring uncontrollable circumstances such as natural disaster, etc.), format (including shifting to online if circumstances require), equipment and organization as it deems necessary to deliver the program content.  

Personal Responsibility

Luminous Awareness Institute is an educational program and lineage transmission for those who are actively engaged with and committed to their own awakening, personal growth and development and who seek to bring their skills and gifts in service to their larger communities. You may be attending for your own personal transformation or you may have an interest in becoming a practitioner or weaving Luminous capacities into current practice modalities. As you move through the program, you may find you want to bring both your awake awareness and increasingly whole presence into areas from business to teaching to activism to art…or simply into your community and family.

Regardless of how your experience with Luminous ripples out into the world, you are ultimately responsible for your own path. Luminous provides tools and points out instructions for finding your way into new and profound states of being and seeks to support your integration of these shifts in lasting, sustainable ways beyond the program and the cushion. And, this is an active path that requires your direct involvement and commitment. As with any practice that leads to real transformation and manifestation in the world, you get out what you put in. The commitment you make to engaging with the teachings, exercises, practices and community throughout your time in the program will determine the growth, healing and lasting consciousness shifts that you experience. We invite you to step up, step in and see what emerges from your active engagement with and ownership of your own unfolding!

 I have read and understand the Luminous Awareness Institute Program Overview (including dates and offerings), will join or review the prerequisite Walking the Path course, and acknowledge personal responsibility for active engagement with the program.

Financial and Terms Agreement

We recognize that enrollment in our program is an investment on many fronts – financially and time-wise as well as with respect to your engagement with personal healing and growth. We seek to be as clear as possible about what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. You agree to let us know in advance of any changes to your address or other circumstances that may impact your payments and to respond promptly to requests around any payment issues that may arise.

Please review the following information and reach out with any questions before signing this contract.

Tuition Costs & Payment Plans

The initial costs for the entire two-year LAI4 (2024-2025) Program, before any discounts, is:

  • Basic BIPOC Package: $7,717.50
  • Basic Online BIPOC Package: $6,667.50 (if you will be attending the modules on zoom rather than in-person)

After paying your application deposit of $850 the remaining tuition is:

  • Basic BIPOC Package: $6,867.50
  • Basic Online BIPOC Package: $5,817.50 (if you will be attending the modules on zoom rather than in-person)

Payment Options

See the exact breakdown of costs for different payment options with discounts and choose your payment plan on the LAI5 Costs & Payment Plans page.

These are the payment options for your tuition. Discounts will change the actual amount. 

  • Payment in full up front
    • Payment is due by May 17th, 2024 (or immediately following acceptance into the program, for those joining later).
  • Financing
    • Payment of a $750 enrollment down payment directly to Luminous and financing your remaining tuition through a loan offered by TFC Credit Corporation (6% finance fees apply) over 24 monthly payments
      • Payments can be set up for the 10th or the 20th of the month.



Payment in full or enrollment down payment and loan set up is due by May 17th, 2024 or within 10 days of acceptance thereafter or before the first module (June 27, 2024) if you join late. You have been sent a link to a page to review the payment options. Please login to make your payment choice and pay on the Luminous website. 

If you elect to enroll, you will be responsible for the entire tuition cost (including finance fees, if applicable), subject to the Cancellation & Withdrawal provisions below.

Please put YES in the option you choose, and NO or N/A in the other options.

Payment in Full: I am choosing to pay in full for my entire remaining tuition after my $850 deposit, adjusted by any applicable discounts or add-ons. 

24 Monthly Payments: I am choosing to pay my $750 down payment and take out a loan to finance my remaining tuition in the form of 24 Monthly payments (my $850 deposit has already been subtracted from my total). I understand that 6% financing fees apply and that the actual amount will be adjusted by any applicable discounts or add-ons. I will complete all loan paperwork and set up automatic payments for my tuition payments through TFC Credit Corporation. 

Food & Lodging Costs for In-Person Participants

  • Food and Lodging generally run between $375 - $700 per module depending on lodging chosen (this includes Thursday / Friday / Saturday night and 9 meals from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch)
    • Food and Lodging is not included in your tuition. It is a separate payment. You will be asked to pay for lodging prior to each module.
    • At Sunrise Ranch in Colorado, lodging is in a mix of shared and private rooms or apartments, some with small living rooms or kitchenettes. Some tent sites are available. All lodging is across the street from the main meeting spaces. 
      • Lodging is booked directly with Sunrise Ranch. All details will be provided.
    • Extra nights are usually available at an additional cost and will be in the same room already chosen.
    • Meals from Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch are included in your lodging price. Extra meals can be added a la carte.
    • Some people commute. A daily commuter fee for venue access and for meals will apply.
  • Food and Lodging sign up is opened apx 45 days before each module. Payments are required 30 days prior to the module date.
    • A late fee of $50 will be applied to the charge if your payment is not completed within 25 days of the module date.
    • If you do not pay for the costs of your lodging by the deadline, you likely will not be able to attend the module in-person. You will still be responsible for your tuition payments.

  • Lodging options are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Costs vary depending on choice of lodging. 
    • You can request a specific roommate and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please make sure the person you request is also interested in rooming with you.

  • If for some reason you are unable to attend a module, you may cancel your Food & Lodging reservation on the condition that you provide 30 days’ written notice to the LAI Coordinator.
    • If you do not provide 30 days notice or more, you will be responsible for your Food and Lodging costs regardless of attendance.


At Sunrise Ranch, Food and Lodging are a combined cost based on a per-module stay and cannot be separated. The retreat center does not allow students to bring and prepare their own meals, although you can bring small supplementary food items. Thus, Food & Lodging costs still apply for those who have dietary restrictions that prohibit eating at the retreat center, who choose to skip certain meals, or who commute from offsite lodging. Opting out of certain meals does not reduce your total Food & Lodging costs.

Cancellation & Withdrawal

The student body in your class is a very carefully held gathering of people who will journey together for close to two years. Once you choose to commit to this program, you become an integral participant in the program. Other applicants are turned away based on your enrollment. While new students can be admitted from the waitlist before the second module, once the second module is underway, new admissions are closed for the duration of the program. Please keep this in mind as you read our cancellation and withdrawal policies.


  • Your $850 deposit ($300 of which is non-refundable) is applied to the total cost of tuition. The deposit has already been subtracted from the remaining total tuition fee when you sign up for a payment plan. 
    • If you decline or withdraw prior to May 1, 2024, all but a $300 processing charge is refunded.
    • If you decline or withdraw prior to May 25, 2024, all but $600 of any payments made will be refunded.
    • If you decline or withdraw after May 25, 2024, your $850 application deposit will NOT be refunded, but any down payment or tuition paid will be refunded if you withdraw before the program start date of June 1, 2024.

Withdrawal Period:

  • As a new student, you may attend the first module to directly experience whether this program is a fit for both you and Luminous Awareness Institute.
  • The Withdrawal Period ends Monday, July 8, 2024. 
  • If you withdraw from the program during the Withdrawal Period and have attended the first module, you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for one module’s worth of your tuition (1/7 of total payment owed) plus any Food and Lodging costs for the first module.
    • Your deposit, down payment (if financing your tuition), and any tuition already paid will be applied as credit towards your outstanding tuition cost.
    • If anything is owed, we will let you know the amount and how to pay.
    • A refund will be issued by check if you have paid more than one module’s cost towards tuition, plus Food and Lodging for the first module, at the time of your withdrawal from the program. 
  • If for some reason a student must discontinue the program after July 8, 2024, there will be no refunds and the student is committed to pay the tuition in full (including those on financed payment plans) for the duration of the 2 year program, but not required to pay Food and Lodging costs for any modules not attended.
    • Unfortunately, given the design of the program we are only able to make exceptions to this policy in the case of a true emergency. We will consider any extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.  

Again, you must inform the Luminous Coordinator of your decision to withdraw from the program no later than 11:59pm on July 8, 2024.  If you do not contact us by July 8, 2024, you are committed to the entirety of your tuition costs for the complete two-year program. Students who join after the first module will be informed of their withdrawal deadline separately.

I understand the drop deadline and withdrawal policies and take full responsibility for withdrawing by the drop deadline or committing to pay my tuition in full.

Luminous Awareness Institute at all times reserves the right to terminate any student for failure to meet its policies and guidelines.  

Health & Safety Protocols

The safety and well-being of our students, staff, families, and communities is something we hold with intention and care. We recognize that we are living in unusual times and that extra awareness is necessary to support all of us and the shared work we are doing together.

Our capacity to deliver our entire curriculum online allows us to be adaptable and responsive, even if federal, state or county mandates shift and change. In the event of a period of lockdown, we will shift entirely to online.

It is possible that federal, state, local or venue requirements may require in-person participants to follow local guidelines in order to attend in-person. Please consider this when you apply. 

Part of enrollment includes understanding that you are joining a program that is a fully immersive delivery of the Luminous curriculum, regardless of whether we gather in-person or virtually. A shift to online, either individually or collectively, does not change your responsibility and agreement to pay your tuition in full (whether financed or paid up front).

If you are ill, we ask that you NOT attend in-person, and instead participate virtually. If you are in person and develop symptoms, we may ask that you take certain precautions for the safety of others. 

You are welcome to bring and use hand sanitizer, face masks, and other preventative measures. We strongly support each person in making the choices that best support your comfort.

Additionally, we will continue to follow best practices as they are presented to ensure everyone's safety and recognize the evolving nature of current circumstances, in line with local, state and federal regulations, laws, and expectations, in order to offer in-person aspects of the Program and allow the greatest number of Participants to attend safely.  Exact requirements and protocols will be shared prior to each module.

Please note: you may be asked to sign a health liability waiver prior to each module in order to attend in person if circumstances warrant, recognizing that you are solely responsible for all risks incurred through gathering in person.

  I understand that I may be unable to attend in-person if federal, state, local, or venue mandates certain restrictions. 

  I understand and agree that the entire Luminous 2-Year program curriculum, including the experiential aspects, can and will be delivered virtually, both for people who sign up to attend online and if in-person

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