LAI Intellectual Property Agreement

Use of Luminous Teachings, Materials and Transmissions

Luminous as Lineage

While the teachings at Luminous Awareness Institute (LAI) are built upon many traditions and stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us, Luminous is its own lineage stream. Unique perspectives, practices, and ways of teaching and transmitting the essence of that experience have been carefully developed to support the Luminous vision of fostering awake awareness, healing the parts of self that inhibit our awakening and creating a more enlightened world for all beings.

As a lineage, it is very important that the material be transmitted correctly and only by lineage teachers. This is to protect the teaching, keeping the transmissions pure, strong and consistent. The transmission field is harmed when the teachings are transmitted incorrectly. If something is transmitted incorrectly, it can create a barrier for the receiver of those teachings that can harden the mind to an authentic transmission and make it difficult for them to be able to learn it correctly. We ask that you respect the unique transmission of Luminous and the designated people and teachings through which it emerges - please do not teach Luminous material without explicit permission and appropriate training (see below).

Intellectual Property

In addition to the lineage aspect, the teachings of LAI are expressed through specific teachings, techniques, practices, protocols and formats. All material used in Luminous programs is copyrighted Luminous material (unless otherwise noted) including but not limited to handouts, lectures, website and online course content, homework assignments, PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio recordings and blogs. Additionally, the methodology of certain practices and framing used in healing, training awake awareness, and creating the dynamic field in which energy transmutes and reorganizes, is unique to Luminous.

As a participant with access to this material, you agree to respect the Luminous Awareness Institute’s teachings, techniques, practices, protocols and formats and not teach, replicate or share this information without our express, written permission. It is not okay to use lectures, handouts, or other teaching materials in your own written or other work – such as in books, blogs, teaching handouts for your own program, video blogs, interviews, etc. – without explicit permission.

If material you wish to use can be found elsewhere, in the work of other teachers or resources, feel free to use that according to their permissions. If something is only available in Luminous materials, you agree to refrain from using it without permission.

Luminous does offer advanced trainings where you can learn how to manifest the Luminous Awareness Institute teachings as a healer, work with group consciousness, bring Luminous principles explicitly to other fields and modalities, and/or apply to become a member of the Luminous Awareness Institute’s practitioner or teaching team as your skill and capacity develop. This training is by application only. 

If you’re teaching something of your own and you want to refer to some Luminous teachings, techniques, framing, and/or otherwise reference Luminous, please ask. If in doubt whether something is within the scope of Luminous' intellectual property, please ask.

Those who are trained as advanced Luminous practitioners or who work as Luminous teachers may be given permission to incorporate some aspects of the Luminous materials into their work outside of Luminous. This is available on a case by case basis and from a place of mutual respect.

A final note on respect for the Luminous community and teachings: Luminous events or community spaces are not a place to recruit or promote your own or other’s non-Luminous offerings unless permission is given to do so. All individuals at LAI events or programs are considered the clients of LAI. Practitioners are invited to work with LAI clients by invitation only.

This Use of Luminous Teachings, Materials and Transmissions agreement (“TMT Agreement”), together with the Financial Agreements and Terms and Liability Waiver and Release constitute the whole agreement.  The terms of this TMT Agreement are incorporated herein by reference into the provisions of the Financial Agreements and Terms and Liability Waiver and Release to constitute one, whole agreement.

I  have read and agree to the Use of Luminous Teaching, Materials, and Transmission. I agree to seek permission before teaching, replicating or sharing Luminous materials with others.

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