LAI 2-Year Advanced Programs



We are delighted that you are applying as an advanced student in the LAI 2-Year Program!

By paying this deposit, you are beginning the process for enrollment as an Advanced, Avatar, or Practitioner Student in the Luminous Awareness Institute’s (LAI) 2-Year Program. This deposit holds your place in the program while you go through the admissions process and is applied to your tuition upon acceptance to the program.



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Application requires the following steps:

  1. Payment of the $850 deposit (which you are doing here).
  2. A brief application.

Please note: food, lodging, and travel costs are NOT included in your tuition cost. Also, if you are eligible for an Early Bird discount, that will apply to your remaining tuition amount, not to your deposit.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for important details about your purchase!