LAI 2-Year Program will start Spring 2024. Enrollment is opening soon!

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Access a profound inner resource that enables you to navigate your life with power, open heartedness, and grace.

Luminous Awareness Institute weaves the essence of ancient teachings from across spiritual traditions into a modern path and makes them relevant in today's world.


A path dedicated to inner fulfillment and human flourishing. A unique blend of a modern awakening path with a healing path. 

We offer a time tested road map, with tools and practices that train the body - heart - mind and open the inner resources of our human consciousness.

Our students learn to live from a new “operating system,” one that is  grounded in well being and vastly more resourced and intelligent. 

  • Individual and relational practices for realizing and stabilizing awakening 
  • Receive and practice psycho-spiritual and energetic work 
  • A community and sangha of like - hearted beings 
  • Participate in seven  4-day immersions (in-person or virtually) plus more online support
  • Each module builds on the next, creating the foundation for weaving these skills into your personal and professional life



“I am calling on you to bring on a revolution -

A revolution motivated by compassion

for the sake of your own children and future generations.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

Upcoming Events & Programs

Luminous Circles

In-Person & Virtual Circles Offered

with Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Luminous Circles are a three-hour introduction to the Luminous Awareness Institute’s 2-year program, which integrates nondual awakening with healing into a comprehensive path.

In the Luminous Circle, you will:

  • Practice shifting your awareness from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Be introduced to the 7 Awakened Wisdom Qualities.
  • Learn about different Energetic Constitutions.
  • Connect to others on a deeper levelof being.
  • Begin to understand how our early development and attachment informs our lived experience.

Become an unbridled expression of your True Nature in your everyday life

You may have tasted inner peace, profound aliveness, and an unparalleled intimacy that touches into your deepest experience of life.


What you are touching in these moments is your own true being. The miraculous discovery of what you already are is unveiled when you rest in the luminous silence of your Awake Awareness.


Though you may have had intermittent profound experiences in meditation or short spontaneous glimpses, you long to deepen your access. You also want the ability to shift into this awareness with more ease and frequency. Through Luminous Awareness practices, you will cultivate your access to Awake Awareness, and learn to stabilize this realization in your day-to-day.

Walking the Path of Awakening Awareness
with Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Starts Saturday, January 20, 2024 from 1-4pm Mountain Time.

Join us in this online Zoom course taught by Anna-Lisa Adelberg, founder of the Luminous Awareness Institute, for a deep dive into the stages, principles and practices of awakening as you explore Walking the Path of Awakening Awareness.

Anna-Lisa will offer 6 live monthly transmissions where she will teach and work directly with participants in support of the Awakening Path.

Roadmaps to Awakening Awareness

Join us in this FREE online masterclass taught by Anna-Lisa Adelberg, founder of the Luminous Awareness Institute, for an overview of the principles of awakening as you explore the Roadmaps of Awakening Awareness.

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As you realize your intrinsic nature you no longer feel empty and alone, rather you feel eternally connected.

Now living free of constraints, not bound by cultural conditioning, you begin living in wisdom innocence.