Luminous Awareness Institute

LAI Holy Rollers Agreements

Dear Luminous Being,

We are excited to have you as a Holy Roller (teacher’s assistant) in the Luminous 2-year Program!

Although the program is already underway, we are asking you to read over and sign the following agreements that set the container for the relationships between you and Luminous, between all of us as members of an intentional evolutionary learning community, and between you and your own integrity, intention, and alignment to serving Awakening. While we realize this is a lot to read, your careful consideration of and consent to these agreements enables Luminous (LAI) to create and maintain itself as a teaching lineage of high integrity, heart-centered offering, and impeccable quality and facilitates a community in which the greatest trust, healing, and awakening can occur.

There are six categories we ask you to consider and agree to:

  1. Program Overview
  2. Holy Roller Agreements and Terms
  3. Use of Luminous Teachings, Materials, and Transmissions
  4. Liability Waiver and Release
  5. Community Commitments
  6. Code of Ethics

Questions? Please feel free to contact:

Natasha Kruger, Luminous Coordinator, at
Jen Stevenson, Program Director, at

Program Overview

Luminous is dedicated to generating a loving harmonious awake world and to creating happiness and well being for all sentient beings. This is a lineage path that trains people to awaken to their deepest nature as well as provides tools of liberation and healing that enable us to clean up and purify all the parts of self until we are the living embodiment of that realization. The healing that arises and the skills and techniques taught within a committed community of co-explorers, with expert guidance from teachers who walk the path themselves, are meant to become ongoing practices that ripple through all areas of our lives. The LAI 2-year program is a deep dive into this work. The community is made up of new students, returning students, dynamos, Holy Rollers (teacher’s assistants), staff, adjunct faculty, guest teachers, and master teachers. For more details on what it means to be a Holy Roller in the LAI 2-year program, please see the Holy Roller Agreements and Terms below.

Although you, as a Holy Roller, are in a support role, you still get the opportunity to go through all the evolving material of the Luminous lineage again, deepening your skill, spiritual awakening, and personal growth as well as your skills as a Luminous practitioner and small group leader.

As a Holy Roller, you are in the unique role of being familiar with the Luminous teachings and methodologies, of having done a fair amount of your own personal healing and started the development of your bender gifts and skills. We hope that you come to continue your own development on your path and also come in service to those beginning their path with Luminous. We ask that you be an example of vulnerability and responsiveness, that you support other students in feeling safe, welcome and mentored whenever appropriate. Many students in the current student program have years of other practices under their belt, so it may be best to not assume that you know more, however as materials may be more familiar, see what it’s like to align yourself to being in service to the whole and see how that alignment directs you moment by moment and in relationship.

Logistical Details for Holy Rollers:

  • Eight 4-day modules (Thursday through Sunday)
    • Immersive, residential setting at the Expanding Light Retreat Center
    • Food and lodging is covered by LAI for Holy Rollers
    • 5th day Monday intensive is included for Holy Rollers
  • Two 2-day meditation workshops
    • Taught collaboratively with Anna-Lisa Adelberg and meditation/awareness teacher Loch Kelly
    • Held in the Bay Area
    • Food and lodging are not arranged for these weekends as the majority of participants are local to the Bay Area.

Review the full program description on our 2-Year Program page, including the dates for each module and review the Holy Roller page.

All modules in this program are built on preceding modules, creating an increasingly rich and deep collective group field in which to grow, heal, and build skills, both individually and collectively. All participants in this cohort, from new student to those returning in support roles to the teaching staff, have been carefully chosen to build a diverse and potent community that is most likely to support development of awake awareness with healing. Each person matters and helps set the tone and create the context for our journey together. Your active engagement with the material and with the community is essential. We invite you to hold both yourself and others with this in mind.

Luminous Awareness Institute reserves the right to make necessary adjustments to the curriculum, course offerings, class hours, scheduled dates (with up to 60 days notice), equipment and organization as it deems necessary.

Personal Responsibility

Luminous Awareness Institute is an educational program and lineage transmission for those who are actively engaged with and committed to their own awakening, personal growth and development and to bringing their skills and gifts in service to their larger communities. You may already have a private practice or weave Luminous capacities into current practice modalities. As you move through the program, you may find you want to bring both your awake awareness and increasingly whole presence into areas from business to teaching to activism to art…or simply into your community and family.

Regardless of how your experience with Luminous ripples out into the world, you are ultimately responsible for your own path. This is particularly true as a Holy Roller. Luminous provides tools and pointing out instructions for finding your way into new and profound states of being and seeks to support your integration of these shifts in lasting, sustainable ways beyond the program and the cushion. And, this is an active path that requires your direct involvement and commitment. You are no longer a student in the same way as when you were enrolled in the program. As with any practice that leads to real transformation and manifestation in the world, you get out what you put in. The commitment you make to your role as a Holy Roller and to engaging with the teachings, exercises, practices, and community throughout your time in the program will determine the growth, healing, and lasting consciousness shifts that you experience. We invite you to step up, step in, and see what emerges from your active engagement with and ownership of your own unfolding!

I have read and agree to the Luminous Awareness Institute Program Overview and acknowledge personal responsibility for active engagement with the program in my role as a Holy Roller.

Holy Roller Agreements & Terms

We recognize that enrollment in our program is an investment on many fronts – including financially, time-wise, and in terms of engagement with personal healing and growth. We seek to be as clear as possible about what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. You agree to let us know in advance of any changes that may impact your ability to fulfill your role as a Holy Roller.

Please review the following information and reach out to Jen Medrick ( with any questions before signing this contract.

What is a Holy Roller?

A Holy Roller is a teaching assistant within the LAI 2-year program. This position is largely by invitation. If you are a Holy Roller, you have been chosen based on solid Luminous skills, your desire to continue active engagement with the Luminous teachings and bring your own gifts to students and the community as a whole, and your clear and expansive relationship with both the Luminous community and the master teachers (Anna-Lisa Adelberg and Raina DeLear).

All Holy Rollers are understood to have a strong foundation in the Luminous teachings and methodology and have done at least four years of study with Luminous. Beyond that, each Holy Roller is on their own developmental path. It is understood that you are both in an active support role at Luminous modules and with Luminous students and that you are committed to your own continued personal and professional growth. Some Holy Rollers are working toward Level 2 certification as Luminous practitioners. Some are already official LAI practitioners, who are certified and hired as independent contractors to work with LAI students and clients. Some are growing private practices in their own communities or may be applying Luminous to other arenas like art, dance, ceremony, or business. Some are at an advanced level within Luminous, leading pods and/or working with Luminous as adjunct faculty.

Regardless of where you are in your own developmental path, as a Holy Roller you are asked to step up and in to support the incoming new students, returning students, dynamos, and other Holy Rollers with your skill, commitment to Luminous, and desire to be of service. In a variety of ways, from supporting individual student needs to small group leadership to modeling vulnerability, emotional fluency, and alignment to helping set the energetic tone of the group field to respecting and supporting the teaching environment and the material being taught to modeling being teachable and actively committed to your own growth, Holy Rollers are essential to Luminous.

Holy Rollers are held to a high bar. While we understand and expect your own learning and development to occur, you are no longer students. You are leaders within the larger Luminous container held and developed by the Luminous teachers and staff. You help to hold the container in which the teachings unfold. While you may have your own perspectives, expertise, and opinions, as a Holy Roller you are expected to support the facilitation and leadership of Luminous. We trust you to be aware of your impact, to choose alignment consistently, to both self-regulate and find resource on your own and get support from your peers when your own process arises, to respect the teachings and the teachers, to have the flexibility to adapt to the emergent and evolving process of Luminous, and to otherwise strive to be an example of Luminous principles in all your interactions with the Luminous community.

The responsibilities of the Holy Roller include:

  • Upholding the Community Agreements and Code of Ethics (see below in this document) expected of all members of the Luminous community.
    • As you are in a leadership role, please remember that intimate or sexual relationships with students are not appropriate. Please treat students as if they were your own clients and hold your alignment accordingly. Pre-existing relationships should be declared in advance to avoid any confusion.
      • Students who continue with Luminous may eventually become peers. Relationships at that time can be examined on a case by case basis, always keeping awareness of impact, potential transference, and power dynamics. If in doubt, that probably means it’s still inappropriate.
  • Commitment to ongoing engagement with the Luminous teachings, both personally and in order to support students and the learning environment as a whole.
    • This includes a willingness to continue working your own process so that you can most fully show up, contribute, and bring your gifts to the Luminous community.
  • Actively respecting the teachings / teachers and modeling through your own example the embodiment of the Luminous material
    • Part of respecting the teachings / teachers includes honoring what is acceptable use of Luminous materials (see section on Use of Luminous Teachings, Materials, and Transmissions below) and recognizing that all LAI students are the clients of LAI.
    • Teachers will also establish the flow of any class or activity. If something arises and you need greater clarity, please ask.
  • Commitment to attending all 8 modules
    • Your role is essential to the whole program and we depend on your presence. We also understand that occasionally emergencies arise. It is your responsibility to communicate clearly any situations that may impact your attendance and role as a Holy Roller.
  • Being a Team Leader – supporting a small “home” group of students throughout their time in the program.
    • Being a liaison between students and the teachers or Luminous as an organization (a place for students to share things that are arising about how the space is held, etc.).
    • May include breakouts as a group during modules to allow for more individualized attention.
  • Acting as a Dynamo to support students individually and as a group throughout the modules.
    • This will include being a primary practitioner in sessions offered to students who have the character styles of each module, helping people who may be going into process, and supporting upcoming practitioner trainees from the advanced program in developing their own capacity.
  • Holding a virtual open office for 1 hour following each module where students can reach out for reflection or support.
    • This is an opportunity to build your home group’s connection, answer questions, check in, and generally offer a place to engage more deeply with the Luminous teachings.

Benefits of being a Holy Roller:

  • Continue to develop your Luminous practitioner and leadership skills
  • Attend all modules with your room and board covered in full
    • Engage with the most current version of the Luminous teachings, deepening and refining your understanding of the material
    • Have your room and board for module attendance covered by LAI in recognition of your service
  • Attend 5th day intensive breakouts, where advanced students, practitioners in training, dynamos, Holy Rollers, and teachers come together to dive more deeply into the material. These Mondays following each module are an evolving practice and exploration and may include:
    • Debrief of the module
    • Receive support and peer sessions for your own process
    • Additional teachings of more advanced material or material that couldn’t be offered in the general module from Luminous teachers
    • Skills practice and reflection (such as giving sessions and receiving feedback on your strengths and growth edges)
    • Material that evolves from the emerging teaching and what’s alive in the field
    • Community building and connection
  • Priority scheduling for sessions and mentoring
  • Attend any advanced classes offered (like the Avatar classes following each module)
  • Meditation retreats and calls
    • As most students are local to the Bay Area, no room and board is arranged or covered for meditation retreats.
  • Free advanced retreats (you cover the cost of your room and board)
  • “Family rates” on sessions, mentorships, and mini intensives with Anna-Lisa and Raina
    • Perks and bonuses such as free sessions (including from some visiting practitioners) and other opportunities are available exclusively to Holy Rollers

Please note: being a Holy Roller does not guarantee that you are or will be an official LAI practitioner (which is a hired contract employee position allowing official practitioners to work with Luminous clients and students for pay).

Luminous Awareness Institute at all times reserves the right to terminate any student, teaching assistant (Holy Roller or dynamo, or teacher for failure to meet our general policies and guidelines.  

 I have read and agree to the Luminous Awareness Institute Holy Roller Agreements & Terms and choose to take this position.

Use of Luminous Teachings, Materials, and Transmissions

Luminous as Lineage

While the teachings at Luminous Awareness Institute (LAI) are built upon many traditions and stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us, Luminous is it’s own lineage stream. Unique perspectives, practices, and ways of teaching and transmitting the essence of that experience have been carefully developed to support the Luminous vision of fostering awake awareness, healing the parts of self that inhibit our awakening, and creating a more enlightened world for all beings.

As a lineage, it is very important that the material be transmitted correctly and only by lineage teachers. This is to protect the teaching, keeping the transmissions pure, strong, and consistent. The  transmission field is harmed when the teachings are transmitted incorrectly. If something is transmitted incorrectly, it can create a barrier for the receiver of those teachings that can harden the mind to the authentic transmission and make it difficult for them be able to learn it correctly. We ask your respect for the unique transmission of Luminous and the designated people and teachings through which it emerges.

Intellectual Property

In addition to the lineage aspect, the teachings of LAI are expressed through specific teachings, techniques, practices, protocols and formats. All material used in the program is copyrighted Luminous material unless otherwise noted, including but not limited to handouts, lectures, web site and online course content, homework assignments, PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio recordings, and blogs. Additionally, the methodology of certain practices and framing used in healing, training awake awareness, and creating the dynamic field in which energy transmutes and reorganizes, is unique to Luminous.

We ask that you respect the Luminous Awareness Institute’s teachings, techniques, practices, protocols and formats and do not teach, replicate or share this information without our express, written permission. It is not okay to use lectures, handouts, or other teaching materials in your own written or other work without explicit permission – such as in books, blogs, teaching handouts for your own program, video blogs, etc.

If material you wish to use can be found elsewhere, in the work of other teachers or resources, feel free to use that according to their permissions. If something is only available in Luminous materials, we ask that you refrain from using it without permission.

A question we invite you to consider in this discussion:

What is your own way of working? What is your unique offering? This helps us distinguish ourselves: this is Luminous, that’s you.

Luminous does offer advanced training where you can learn how to manifest the Luminous Awareness Institute teachings as a healer, work with group consciousness, bring Luminous principles explicitly to other fields and modalities, and/or apply to become a member of the Luminous Awareness Institute’s practitioner or teaching team as your skill and capacity develop. This training is by application. A position with Luminous is not guaranteed. While Luminous will offer the teachings and opportunities to grow as a practitioner, your capacity and skill depends on the effort and investment you bring. It takes the time it takes to become a proficient and seasoned practitioner or teacher.

Students, dynamos, and Holy Rollers who are active participants in the program have direct permission to use Luminous material in the following ways:

  • Working with individual clients in the Luminous manner, if you are certified as practitioner.
  • Working with fellow students and Holy Rollers in the learning of the material.
  • If you’re teaching something of your own and you want to refer to some Luminous teachings and maps and reference Luminous, that’s acceptable if it’s less than 10% of your offering.
    • Please do not give an entire class based on our maps…or transmit the maps.
    • Please attribute the material you use to Luminous.
  • Describing your learning and experience with friends and family.

If in doubt of whether something is aligned with respecting both the lineage and the intellectual property of Luminous, please reach out and ask.

A final note on respect for the Luminous community and teachings: Luminous events or community spaces are not a place to recruit or promote your own or other’s non-Luminous offerings unless permission is given to do so. All students in LAI programs are considered the clients of LAI and practitioners are invited to work with LAI clients by invitation only.

I  have read and agree to the expectations around the Use of Luminous Teaching, Materials, and Transmission. I agree to seek permission for use of Luminous materials if in doubt about what is allowed.

Liability Waiver and Release

Informed Consent

The purpose of this consent form is to inform you of the nature of the healing work you will learn and experience and the qualifications required of the leaders to practice this work.  Energy Medicine is a system that falls under the CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) set of modalities.

Energy Medicine as taught within the Luminous Awareness Institute (LAI) program is used to help you identify and work through physical blocks, emotional blocks, and internal belief systems that no longer serve you.

In the experience of the LAI team and facilitators, healing is the process of becoming free of conditioned, pre-programmed reactions to the world. Healing is the growth process towards having the liberated capacity to choose fresh creative responses to each situation as it presents itself. This freedom doesn’t necessarily mean a new or better personal story. Rather, it is the capacity to hold oneself and one’s point of view with lightness and gentleness, and the flexibility to shift when needed.

The leaders and staff at Luminous Awareness Institute are here to work with you and facilitate you in your healing process. That said, healing requires willingness, dedication, and commitment on your part, and thus, at all times your healing is your own responsibility.

The leaders and staff at Luminous Awareness Institute are not physicians, do not diagnose diseases or prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, and do not have the authority nor desire to advise you to discontinue any medical treatment you may be receiving. The leaders of LAI have completed four-year programs in Energy Medicine as well as a host of other modalities. All healing work at Luminous Awareness Institute is harmonious with the allopathic and complementary and alternative medical models.

Acknowledgement and Release

  • I understand that the healing work at Luminous Awareness Institute is done with hands-on healing and the evaluation and balancing of energy fields.
  • I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing Informed Consent and I am fully satisfied that I understand the nature and intention of the healing work taught at Luminous Awareness Institute. I release Luminous Awareness Institute, its leaders, and staff from any and all claims of liability, malpractice, non-disclosure, or lack of informed consent. I freely assume any and all risks whether presently contemplated or herein discovered.
  • I also acknowledge that the leaders and staff at Luminous Awareness Institute have informed me that that they are not licensed under the laws of this state to practice any form of allopathic medicine; that they have stated that they will neither diagnose nor prescribe for any condition or problem from which I may be suffering; and that should I have any physical or mental complaints, I should consult a licensed medical doctor or therapist.
  • Additionally, I acknowledge that Luminous Awareness Institute (LAI) assumes no liability for injury, damage, loss, accident for any reason whatsoever, through the acts or default of any company or person engaged in carrying out the arrangements for LAI. Luminous Awareness Institute accepts no responsibility for injury, losses or expense due to weather, strike, war, quarantine, or other causes. All such losses or expenses are to be borne by the participant.

I have read and agree to the Luminous Awareness Institute Liability Waiver and Release and to all terms described above.

Community Commitments

Honor Self and Others

We recognize the core of all beings as True Nature and pure Essence. At the core, we are all the same essence. We realize that no one is better or worse than anyone else and all deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion.   

Extend Highest Regard

We recognize the power of our perspectives, our words, and our actions and, we choose to mindfully make decisions on how to manifest these powers in ways that support one another’s well-being. Our unwavering intention is to cause no harm, and we exert our best efforts to make our intention a reality by holding each other in highest regard.

What to do when we lose clear view of another?

  • It is natural to be triggered by our teachers, mentors, assistants and classmates. Remember our commitment to extend our highest regard for others and to hold each other clearly.
  • Bring open hearted awareness to the experience: by working on from our own Open hearted awareness  or by asking for the help of the Open hearted awareness of a healer, mentor, assistant or classmate. We ask for support when needed.
  • Allow the experience to be felt as it is, without trying to avoid it, change it, or judge it.

Dealing with a difficult energetic charge with others:

Notice where there is charge and bring more attention to it. Seek to find the underlying feeling. What does it remind you of? What need feels under-met? As we begin to strengthen our muscles of holding things lightly… we can hold our stories lightly and we can look for, and find presence in, the deeper content in the felt-sense underneath. We can look for the clarity in the anger, the vulnerability in the reactivity, the simple need that needs to be expressed or held by our own open hearted awareness.

NOTE:  We must be aware of our tendency to seek support for our negative views of others.  We commit to not participate in gossip or collusion against any member of the global Luminous Community.

Co-create the reality you want:

After the charge has lessened:

  • Shift your view of the person and see/feel if they shift too.
  • Directly communicate the impact someone else’s actions had on you and make a specific request of how they could better meet your needs.

Own your own experience:

During communication: Describe things through the sensations and emotions you experienced and the thoughts and stories that you created. Focus on what your own needs are, what your own discovery of yourself is. The more you can understand yourself and share your own needs and feelings (rather than blaming, judging, or making assumptions about the other person’s experience), the more the other person will be able to empathize.

Keep clear and current:

Share any “withholds” that don’t naturally shift as you consciously communicate. “Withholds” include those things that are thought or felt by one but not the other person in the interaction.

Integrity:  Do what you say you will do and when you don’t, acknowledge that, recognize the impact, and re-negotiate or re-establish agreements as appropriate.

These principles apply to your relationship with other students and with the teachers, staff, and assistants of Luminous Awareness Institute.

 I have read and agree to the Luminous Awareness Institute Community Commitments.

Luminous Code of Ethics

Luminous Awareness Institute offers processes, tools and techniques for the purpose of supporting the evolution of consciousness and the awakening of all beings to their true nature. As we unfold and expand into heightened awareness, subtle energy perception, sensing ability, and healing capacity, we also step into increased responsibility for holding our ethics to our highest integrity.

We ask that, as you begin to work with other beings’ systems, you first clarify and align your intention and energy and invoke your steadfast intent for the highest good for the client and for all beings. We ask also that you hold and honor the wisdom, intelligence, and divine nature of each being, and offer your work as a tool for their unique process of unfolding.

It is in this spirit that we have clarified specific ethics that we hold for students, practitioners and teachers of the Luminous Awareness Institute work:

  • To respect the innate wisdom and sovereignty of each being, you MUST have explicit permission before tracking or working in a person’s energy field.
  • Before working: align, connect with your highest Self, link with larger intelligence, and establish your unwavering intent for the highest good of the client and for all beings. If you are not able to do so, consider whether you can delay the healing for a time when you are able to feel more centered.
  • Remember that this work is offered for healing and the highest good for all, not for the gain of the smaller self. Maintaining your intent, alignment, and connection to larger intelligence facilitates your ability to not just include but transcend the ego and smaller self as you work.
  • To respect the beautiful vulnerability and opening that occurs in healing sessions, you are expected to hold all processes that happen in session or in Luminous modules in confidentiality.
  • Energy work has a penetrating intimacy and can open access to realms many people do not commonly experience. We do not use this way of working as a tool to create connection or intimacy in a romantic or sexual way or to gain power or access to people. Any use of LAI techniques for increased intimacy, even with romantic partners, should be shared with previously received yes-based consent.
  • It is not appropriate or ethical to have intimate or sexual relationships with your clients. If you are a dynamo, holy roller, or other support team member, students of LAI are essentially clients and intimate or sexual relationships are not acceptable.
  • We do not suggest working on your spouse or family members.  It is very difficult to maintain objectivity and to avoid being overwhelmed by triggers with those closest to us.

Potential Pitfalls to be Aware of:

The Luminous work allows for expanded awareness and ability which can be directed for the evolution of consciousness and awakening to our true nature. With this expansion, there may be pitfalls along the path where the ego takes hold of newly found skills and powers in the service of the small or disconnected self.  Some common experiences to be aware of include:

  1. A desire to feel special, accomplished, superior, or recognized due to your work.
  2. A belief that you have the power to fix or change someone else.
  3. Loss of alignment during a session. Do not hesitate to take time to realign and reconnect during a session if you feel disconnected.
  4. “Getting in the boat” with your client (i.e. believing the stories that come from their smaller self and agreeing with their internal structures of fear and limitation). Instead, work to maintain a healthy awareness of your selves and an objectivity toward the client’s self.

I have read and agree to the Luminous Awareness Institute Code of Ethics and will integrate these guidelines into my practice and use of Luminous methods.

Final Confirmation and Signature

Thank you for your careful consideration of these agreements. Please check each summary statement and sign below.

Program Overview

Holy Roller Agreements and Terms

Use of Luminous Teachings, Materials, and Transmissions

Luminous Liability Waiver

Community Agreements

Code of Ethics

I acknowledge that I have read all the material in these agreements. By initialing below each section and checking the box next to each summary statement, I confirm my understanding of and consent to these agreements. If I am submitting these agreements virtually, through any online method, I acknowledge that my e-signature is legally binding.

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